Why are you running for county attorney?

I am running for County Attorney to protect and serve the Redwood County community. Like you Redwood County is my home and my goal is to make this a safe place to work, live, and play.

From your perspective, what is the role of county attorney?

When people hear “County Attorney” they automatically think we prosecute the bad guys, which we do, but we do so much more than that. I use “we” because I have a team of staff members who are dedicated to the same goals and principles as myself. I could not do this job without their hard work and support. The role of the County Attorney is actually defined by Minn. Stat. 388. There is a wide variety of case types that come through our office.

We handle family service cases including child protection, civil commitments, child support and paternity cases. We prosecute all levels of juvenile offenses and serve as the legal advisor for the County Board of Commissioners, county officials, and county departments representing these groups in areas involving waste management, defending challenges to property tax values, representing the Human Services Department on welfare appeals, enforcing county environmental and health ordinances and forfeiting property used in connection with criminal activity.

Additionally, the county attorney’s office assists the county in buying property; negotiating leases and contracts; and in defending against personal injury, workers compensation, employment, civil rights and other law suits. However, the County Attorney is not authorized to provide any legal advice to private citizens in the role as county attorney.

Why should the people of Redwood County vote for you?

For the last four years, I have worked diligently to promote justice and public safety by implementing policies and procedures that follow state statute and fairly, effectively and efficiently prosecute those who commit crimes in our community.

I will continue to be tough on crime and hold those who offend accountable – not just by sending them to jail, but by working to find services that will assist in rehabilitation. I have also strived to give victims a voice, to protect children, families, and the vulnerable and to provide quality, ethical legal representation of Redwood County.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

I was born in St. James, MN and grew up on a dairy farm, showing cows at the county fair, playing softball and volleyball, and graduated from Hastings High School. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Saint Benedict and headed to law school at the University of St. Thomas.

Upon graduation, I was offered a job as Law Clerk to the Honorable Patrick Rohland. I began my tenure with the Redwood County Attorney’s Office in 2014.

Since then my husband, Eric, and I have called Redwood Falls our home. We welcomed our first child, Elin, June 14, 2018. She is our second baby – big brother, Bentley (8 year old caviler King Charles spaniel), is still unsure about our new addition.