Security at city hall in Redwood Falls has been a concern for years.

According to Missi Meyer, city director of finance and administrative services, changes have been made to improve the environment to protect the staff and the important information that is contained in the city’s buildings.

To further enhance that safety and security, a team made up of staff from administration, law enforcement, finance and IT, as well as the building official, met to study what else could be done.

A request was presented to the council at its Oct. 16 meeting. The request includes a number of modifications to the city hall building and to areas at the Redwood Area Community Center.

The security upgrades include the addition of electronic locks on seven doors at city hall, at a cost of $11,973, and the RACC at a cost of $4,190; the installation of four cameras at a cost of $5,457 at city hall and $1,344 at the RACC, the addition of software at a cost of $3784 for city hall with an ongoing annual cost of $850 and approximately $5,000 in cabling.

According to Meyer, the security additions would restrict access to areas of concern, especially as it relates to the safety of the staff and the IT equipment areas, such as server rooms and wiring closets.

The cameras will be installed at the front desk at city hall, in the server rooms at city hall and the RACC, as well as in the server hallway at city hall. The cameras being installed are compatible with current cameras in place at the RACC.

“Fifteen years ago we would not have to talk about this,” said Meyer,

She added the ALICE training the city has received in part led to the decision to find ways to increase safety and security.

In other action, the city council:

• Approved the prepayment of the principal balances of the 2006A hospital gross revenue bonds and the 2015A general obligation tax abatement bonds which funded the 2006 hospital expansion project and the acquisition of the pavilion facility in 2015. The final payments are due Dec. 1, 2018.

• Approved a quote to demolish the home and garage located at 120 East Wyoming Street at a cost of $10,700. The bid was awarded to Schmidt Construction of Red-wood Falls. The project also includes the mitigation of asbestos in the amount of $6,725. The structures at that location were previously deemed hazardous by the council. A resolution adopted by the council in February included a remediation plan for the owner to remedy the hazardous issues. The owner did not remedy the issues by the time frame indicated in the resolution leading to the decision to demolish the structures.