Why are you running for county board?

First, as a current commissioner there are a few projects I would like to help see completed. For example, the county courthouse project, buffer strip implementation and the redetermination of our ditch systems to name a few. Second, I enjoy what I do, the difference we are making and would like the opportunity to continue to serve and represent Redwood County.

From your perspective, what is the role of a county commissioner?

I think it is important to keep ourselves educated and informed, so our decisions are beneficial and transparent to Redwood County residents. I also feel it is important that we represent our voting district by listening to them and bringing their concerns and issues to the commissioner’s meetings to be discussed.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Redwood County?

I think one of the biggest issues facing our county is drug abuse. As a commissioner, I can help by continuing to work with and support our law enforcement, as well as the rehabilitation programs. If we continue to support these programs to lower drug abuse in our county, we can help resolve the problem. 

What role does the county board play in helping to enhance the economic vitality of the county they serve?

I think as commissioners we can start and continue the process to discuss and decide what can be done for our county, as well as how we can do it. It is important to have plans and processes in place to improve the well being and growth of our county. A little over a year ago we decided to bring in an Economic Development Director on staff to help assist in this process. I feel it was the right decision and very important to lead our county in the right direction.

Do you believe Redwood County is heading in the right direction. Why or why not?

Yes, I absolutely feel Redwood County is moving in the right direction. As a commissioner I will continue to strive to do the best of my ability to keep Redwood County moving forward.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

Before I tell you about myself, I would like to thank all the people who helped and voted to give me the opportunity to serve you as a commissioner for the last three-and-a-half years. Now about myself. I was born and raised on a farm in Sundown Township. I married my high school sweetheart, together we had five children and they blessed us with 24 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. I owned and operated my own construction business for 40 years until I sold it to my youngest son. Then I retired for a year and decided to run for county commissioner and here I am.