Why are you running for county board?

As a current county commissioner, I feel there is some unfinished business that I would like to get accomplished. I enjoy being a county commissioner, and serving my district and the whole county has been a great experience for me. The job is also a learning experience in progress. I have had a lot of encouragement from my constituents to continue also.

From your perspective, what is the role of a county commissioner?

A county commissioner needs to listen to the people of the county, make good thought out decisions, help the county grow, keep the county running smoothly without conflict is very important.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Redwood County?

Although there are a few issues I would like to discuss, one of the most talked about issues in most counties is Mental Health/Social Services. We need to get mental health costs and issues under control. It is very expensive to have our mental health patients sitting in jails and being sent to institutions. The state knows there are problems also but they make mandates and then provide no funds to support them.  From sitting on a lot of health boards we have various organizations working on lobbying the state to provide funds and stop passing the expense on to the counties.

What role does the county board play in helping to enhance the economic vitality of the county they serve?

It is our responsibility to make our county grow, we need to attract new businesses and amenities to attract more people to our county. We as a county need to look at issues and opportunities that will affect us in the short and long term. I have lots of concerns with our agriculture issues, as a small county that is mostly agricultural based a lot of business is affected by this issue.

Do you believe Redwood County is heading in the right direction. Why or why not?

I believe Redwood County is one of the best counties in southwest Minnesota. I believe past and current board members along with current staff have made some good decisions on the direction of the county. Plans for the future of Redwood County are well thought out. A sure sign is that Redwood County does not have a lot of negative issues.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

I reside in Wabasso with my wife, Sue. I have three children and three step-children, five grandkids and seven step-grandkids. I have owned and operated Salfer’s Food Center for the past 37 years. I was and am still involved in a lot of community organizations. I currently sit on many county committees.