50 years ago

October 1968

• RFHS senior football player Lee Patten set a new school record for yards gained with 1,304, beating previous record holder Jim Cairns’ record of 1,105 yards which was set in the 1958 season by almost 200 yards.

• RFHS Class of 1930 member Rex Galles died. Galles, an architect and Navy veteran who received training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, returned to Redwood Falls after World War II to run the Galles store on East Second Street. Galles Drive in Redwood Falls was eventually named after him.

• The Redwood Falls Jaycees agreed on a $4,000 purse for the upcoming snowmobile races to be held on Lake Redwood.

• A Gazette editor noted the two major Twin Cities newspapers both endorsing Democrat Hubert Humphrey for president was about as unexpected as the Christian Science Monitor endorsing God.

• For the first time since 1951, the Redwood County Highway Department had to delay some road projects until the following year due to bad weather.

25 years ago

October 1993

• Local officials held an event to protest unfunded mandates – requirements the state and federal government impose on cities without providing money to pay for them. As an example, Mayor Gary Revier pointed out the city was required by the state to install and pay monthly service for a special phone line to serve deaf people who may want to contact city hall. Revier said in the years since the line had been installed, the special phone had rung exactly once — from a service technician calling to make sure the line was working.

• The Redwood Falls Hospital was rejected in favor of Waseca for the University of Minnesota’s proposed rural residency program for medical school students to get real-life practice.

• The Redwood Area United Way donated a wheelchair to the Redwood Falls Hospice.

• The Redwood County Board received two petitions about whether or not part of Honner Township should join Delhi Township. One was from area residents wanting it, and the other was from residents opposing it.

• Andy Regnier of Redwood Valley High School was the junior high boys’ cross country team Southwest Conference champion with a time of 11:59 for two miles.

10 years ago

October 2008

• Daktronics in Redwood Falls was awarded a $9 million bid for the electric scoreboard at the Twins stadium.

• Inspired by a similar project produced by the Sleepy Eye newspaper, the Redwood County Historical Society produced a book filled with antique photos of the Redwood area, many of them provided by mayor and local historian Gary Revier.

• The Redwood Valley High School SADD chapter organized a community walk to bring awareness of suicide prevention.

• After several years of effort fixing the building up, the local Alano Club held an open house to show the public a new local meeting place for recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and AlAlon.