Scott Sobocinski has been named the new director of the Wabasso Public Library. Sobocinski started in his new role Sept. 19.

At a time when libraries are adjusting to new needs and expectations, Sobocinski brings a strong education along with a variety of talents that will ensure the Wabasso library remains a relevant and vital resource for the Wabasso community.

Sobocinski filled the position after the retirement of the previous, and highly-respected library director, Marilyn Daub. Daub recently retired from the Wabasso Public Library after 33 years of dedicated service.

Sobocinski grew up in the area and graduated from Wabasso Public School in 2009. After graduating from high school, Sobocinski attended Bemidji State University where he graduated in 2013 with a degree in history and a minor in both English and philosophy.

Following his undergraduate education Sobocinski then graduated in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters degree in library and information science.

Prior to taking the director position, Sobocinski served as a library assistant at the Yankton Community Library in Yankton, S.D.. Coincidentally, this isn’t Sobocinski’s first position at the Wabasso Public library. During the summers home from Bemidji, he worked at the library alongside Marilyn Daub, manning the front desk and being part of the whole library mechanism, involving a lot of different tasks and duties.

When asked if returning to Wabasso was part of his plan, Sobocinski stated “that it was on the radar, but even so, it happened more quickly than I expected it to.”

“I hope to continue to grow the library as Marilyn (Daub) has done,” added Sobocinski. “When Marilyn began at the library I believe the circulation was about 1,000 items per year. When she left that number was at roughly 27,000.”

Like many services and industries, libraries have their modern day challenges. Sobocinski expressed that small libraries struggle to keep up with offering the public the latest in information technology and the proper assistance to go along with it.

To counter this issue, Sobocinski will continue to follow the dedication and embracing of ideas and technology like Daub did before him.

Sobocinski will also continue to apply for grants to supplement adult and youth programs as well as continuously raise funds for the library. Marketing the library and its services is another priority of Sobocinski’s. 

Sobocinski’s intention is to let the community know that it is in fact their library, and its staff is available to assist them not only with obtaining and providing books, DVDs, ebooks and other materials, but also to be a resource for assisting the public with the different technologies used to obtain information, which changes dramatically year to year.

As Sobocinski begins to get his routine established, he also wants the public to know he will continue to not only bring the same quality of programs and services previously offered, but to enhance the public’s interaction with the library overall.

“I love it when people have unexpected encounters with information,” said Sobocinski. “One of the cool things libraries can do is to pique the curiosity of others, so that they are inspired to learn, whether it’s through displays, programming or conversations.”

Sobocinski’s reception from the public has been warm and inviting, and he intends for the library to be the same.

“The library is both a learning and social space,” Sobocinski said. “A loud library is an active library, and that’s a good thing.”

Sobocinski of course enjoys reading, and he is currently into biographies. The public is encouraged to stop by and introduce themselves to Sobocinski and see what the library has to offer.

The Wabasso Public Library houses more than 10,000 books, 500 audio books on CD and more than 2,000 DVDs in its collection. The library also houses subscriptions to more than 40 magazines and newspapers and offers free public WiFi access and three computers for the public to use.

The library is located at 1248 Oak Street and is open Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m to 6 p.m. Visit its Web site at or its Facebook page -Wabasso Public Library for more information and happenings. 

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