The final results have been posted for the 2018 Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife invitational held Sept. 7-9 in Martin County. A group of 25 members of the Redwood/Renville 4-H Shooting Sports Club participated, and the members earned 47 individual awards.

Eight of the 15 Redwood/Renville 4-H Shooting Sports teams placed in the top three medalists.

What follows is a list of how the local 4-Hers did at the state invite:

Team awards

• First place – Junior BB Gun team of Owen Horesji, Ava Schlomann, Hannah Schlomann and Katelyn Zueg

• First place – Senior Standard Air Rifle team of Elijah Kirschstein, Carl Swedzinski, Catherine Turbes and Jared Zollner

• First place – Senior Field grade .22 rifle team of Meriah Kirschstein, Colby Schroeder, Elijah Kirschstein and Jared Zollner

• Second place – Intermediate 3 Position Air Rifle team of Kailey Booth, Todd Deterling, George Turbes and Noah U’Ren

• Second place – Sr. Air Pistol team members of Kailey Booth, Elijah Kirsch-stein, Carl Swedzinski and Catherine Turbes

• Third place – Junior Class A archery team members included Colton Doering, Ava Schlomann, Hannah Schlomann and Sam Zueg

• Third place – Intermediate Standard Air Rifle members George Turbes and Kailey Booth

• Third place –Junior Air Pistol Todd Deterling, Owen Horesji and Hannah Schlomann

Individual awards

• 3rd grade BB Gun medalist – Logan Booth and Klaira Horesji

• Hannah Schlomann – 1st Junior Class A Archery, 1st Jr. BB Gun, 6th Jr. Air Pistol

• Elizabeth Lenning – 4th Junior Class B Archery

• Todd Deterling – 7th Jr. Air Pistol, 7th Jr Class C Archery, 8th Jr 3 Position Air Rifle, 8th Jr Silhouette Pistol

• Colton Doering – 10th Jr. BB Gun

• George Turbes – 1st Jr Silhouette Pistol, 1st Jr. 3 Position Air Rifle, 1st Jr. Standard Air Rifle, 1st Jr. Air Pistol, 2nd Jr. Silhouette Rifle

• Kailey Booth – 3rd Intermediate Air Pistol, 6th Intermediate Standard Air Rifle

• Catherine Turbes – 2nd Senior Standard Air Rifle, 2nd Sr. 3 Position Air Rifle, 3rd Sr. .22 Target Rifle, 4th Sr. Air Pistol

• Jared Zollner – 1st Senior Field Grade .22 Rifle, 1st Senior 3 Position Air Rifle, 2nd Sr. Silhouette Rifle, 3rd Senior Standard Air Rifle, 3rd Sr. Air Pistol

• Elijah Kirschstein – 5th Sr. Field Grade .22 Rifle, 5th Sr. Silhouette Rifle 5th Sr. Air Pistol, 6th Senior Standard Air Rifle, 9th Sr. 3 Position Air Rifle

• Carl Swedzinski – 1st Sr Silhouette Pistol, 2nd Senior Air Pistol, 6th Sr. Silhouette Rifle, 9th Senior Standard Air Rifle

• Noah U’Ren – 2nd Intermediate Air Pistol, 3rd Intermediate 3 Position Air Rifle, 7th Intermediate Trap

• Katelyn Zueg – 8th Jr. Air Pistol

• Collin Schlomann – 7th Intermediate Air Pistol

• Meriah Kirschstein – 7th Sr. Field grade .22 Rifle

• Matthew Turbes – 6th Intermediate Black Powder Pistol

• Colby Schroeder – 8th Sr. Field Grade .22 Rifle

• Ashlyn Doering – 2nd Sr Black Powder Pistol, 3rd Sr. Black Powder Pistol, 4th Overall Black Powder