50 years ago

October 1968

• Redwood Falls High School got a new master clock to control all the clocks and bells, making sure all classrooms were coordinated down to the second.

• When the Fire Department held its annual open house drawings for the door prizes, firefighter Leeun Werner’s mom was chosen out of more than 500 entries to win the fire extinguisher, Werner’s son won the Tonka truck and Werner’s sister won another fire extinguisher. Werner stepped forward at that point and disqualified his sister, saying people from other families should win stuff, too.

• Several days after the Wabasso water tower was repainted, vandals from the Wabasso High School Class of 1969 climbed up with cans of blue paint to do their own unauthorized retouching on the tower.

• Area firefighters and towing crews proceeded with extreme caution after a tanker truck loaded with propane gas jackknifed and went into the ditch on Highway 71 north of Morton.

• The Redwood Falls and Jackson football game had to be “played” twice, once Friday and again Saturday. After the Cardinals traveled to Jackson Friday, the game had to be canceled, because the officials failed to show up. When the game was played for real the next day, Jackson won 20-0.

• Redwood Falls elementary students could take advantage of a reduced price for Cardinal football games of 30 cents if they purchased the tickets at school before the game. The gate price for games was 50 cents.

• A straw poll showed Redwood Falls High School faculty favored Republican Richard Nixon over Democrat Hubert Humphrey by more than a three to one margin.

• Olivia was chosen by the NBC TV network as one of 10 towns nationwide the network would feature with live coverage of the upcoming presidential election.

• The Christmas Seals traveling X-ray unit made visits to Redwood Falls and Wabasso to test residents for tuberculosis.

25 years ago

October 1993

• Redwood Falls Police Department Officer Derek Woodford was one of 10 police officers nationwide chosen to be featured on a trading card issued by the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum.

• It turned out that while almost all area law enforcement officers were in the western side of Renville County searching for escaped kidnapper Peter John Butler the previous week, several burglars took the opportunity to break into several downtown Danube businesses.

• The city council struggled to come up with a response to the Shoreland Management System, a state-mandated DNR program that would limit development within 1,000 feet of Lake Redwood – which would include parts of downtown Redwood Falls.

10 years ago

October 2008

• The Sole Survivors, a group of area women and men, raised more than $18,000 during a three-day walk to collect funds for breast cancer research.

• The Redwood Falls City Council voted to help out the cemetery association by allowing city staff to do certain types of maintenance work on the cemetery grounds.