A portion of Ramsey Park in Redwood Falls has been closed since early in July when heavy rains led to flooding that damaged a section of the roadway and a bridge over Ramsey Creek.

The Redwood Falls city council, during its Sept. 18 meeting, took the next step toward opening the park for visitors again by approving a couple of projects in the flood damaged areas.

The first included the approval of a bid from TNT construction of $41,423.30 to reconstruct the road, shoulders and parking lot adjacent to the Ramsey Creek bridge used for vehicle traffic. 

According to Jim Doering, public works project coordinator, the July 3, 2018 flood deposited large amounts of debris against the bridge, and as a result water was directed to the north and south of the bridge over the road and through the parking area causing damage.

A bid was solicited for both bituminous and concrete replacement, but Doering said the decision to replace the roadway with bituminous was recommended due to the difference in costs.

“The cost of the concrete was considerably more,” said Doering.

The second action included the approval of up to $12,685 to replace and repair the west side of the Ramsey Creek wood bridge. The work to repair the bridge will be done by River Ridge Construction and includes the replacement of four deck planks, scupper blocks, the rail and new hardware.

The cost of both of these projects will be submitted to FEMA for reimbursement under the federal disaster declaration.

According to Doering, if all goes according to plan, the roadway could be opened as soon as Oct. 1.

In other action, the city council:

• Approved the appointment of Robin Stegner to the Redwood Falls library commission.

• Approved a request from Teri Smith, Redwood Falls Public Library director, to apply for a Minnesota Historical Society grant in the amount of $10,000 to assist in the purchase of a new microfilm viewer/reader for the library. The cost of the system, based on what best serves the library’s patrons, would have a price tag between $6,500 and $10,455, said Smith. Smith added an upgrade of the system is needed, as the library continues to utilize the latest in technology to serve the public.

• Approved a request to report the stormwater main from Minnesota Street to Lake Redwood at a cost of up to $29,500 with the work being done by Schmidt Construction. According to Doering, this year’s flooding damaged the storm sewer main that runs from Minnesota Street and outlets into Lake Redwood. This is the second time flooding has damaged this water main. The project also includes repairing and reconnecting drainage feeds from Vision Lane and West Chestnut that have been disconnected due to uprooted trees and bank saturation. The project will be submitted to FEMA for reimbursement.

• Adopted a resolution opposing the sale of strong beer, spirits and wine in grocery and convenience stores.