Kristin Rossow may be new to the Redwood Area School District, but she is certainly not new to education.

When the 2018-19 school year began, Rossow, who is teaching fifth graders at Redwood Valley Middle School, began her 25th year in education.

Teaching both language arts and social studies, Rossow’s students will know one thing for certain by the end of the school year. Reading is very important to her, and she believes it is her job to help the students who walk into her classroom improve that skill.

“I want to make sure they are better readers at the end of the year than when they started,” said Rossow, adding students will be reading a lot.

While focused on meeting the state education standards, Rossow intends to encourage reading with her students by allowing them to select the some of things they are reading.

“We all have different interests,” she said, adding she believes a student who reads something they are interested in is far more likely to become a lifelong reader.

After graduating from St. Francis High School, Rossow attended Anoka-Ramsey Community College and finished her education at what was then known as Mankato State University earning a degree in elementary education.

From the time she started college, Rossow knew she wanted to be a teacher.

Rossow has taught in a few different school districts from Osseo to St. Francis, and most recently she has been working in the Cedar Mountain School District.

Over the years, she has taught everything from second to sixth grade, adding much of that time has been focused in fourth grade. 

For Rossow, being around students of that elementary age is something she enjoys.

“I like being around them,” she said, adding they have a high level of energy, still love coming to school and still think their teachers rock.

Being a teacher has many rewards, and Rossow said those moments as an educator when the light bulb goes off and a student grasps what is being taught to them makes what she does very enjoyable.

Rossow said she made the move to the local school district as a result of declining enrollment, adding as one of the newest teachers at Cedar Mountain she was the first to be cut.

Yet, she added, Mr. (Bob) Tews, Cedar Mountain superintendent, was extremely gracious and did his best to help her find another job. She expressed her appreciation for that.

The transition to the Redwood Area School District has gone well for Rossow, adding she thinks the way new teachers are welcomed is remarkable.

“I really enjoy working here,” she said, adding everyone has been so welcoming.

Rossow and her husband, Cory, have three children, Micah, who is 21 and is in college, Laura, who is 14 and attends Minnesota Valley Lutheran School, and Benjamin, who is 12 and attends school in Sleepy Eye.

When she is not in school or grading papers, Rossow likes to spend her time outside doing things like biking and gardening.

She also enjoys spending time as part of an active family and likes concerts, plays, fishing and anything to do with the water. Of course, she also loves to read.

Rossow’s fifth-grade students already know that.