On a Saturday afternoon in early July, a report came in that a dog was trapped on a rocky ledge in Ramsey Park.

Local law enforcement and emergency personnel, including the Redwood Falls Police Department and Redwood Falls Fire Department, responded to the scene and rescued the animal.

Members of the local fire department utilized their high-angle rescue equipment to rappel down the rocks and rescue the dog. Heavy rains earlier in the month led to a situation where the water was high and rushing when the rescue was attempted.

The dog was returned to its owner, and life went on for all involved.

However, that is not the end of the story. 

Cindy Robinson, Modern Woodmen Fraternal financial representative, and Betty Dale, Modern Woodmen trustee, recently recognized the local fire department with what is known as the Hometown Hero Award.

According to Robinson, “As a fraternal, we help to make a positive impact on our members and the community, and our Hometown Hero award gives us an opportunity to recognize an individual or organization in the community for their outstanding service to the community.”

The award was presented to the department July 26.

Robinson said the department was nominated for the award, and in addition to receiving a plaque, the department was given $100 to present to a charity of its choice. The department opted to give it to the local animal shelter.

Robinson added, “We realize every day the volunteer firefighters put themselves at risk to help others in need, and they went above and beyond that when in July they went in the river to rescue a dog that had fallen over the cliffs.”

The Hometown Hero Award is about “giving back and helping out in the community.”

It was created to recognized those in communities who go the extra mile donating their time and energy to help others in need.

Robinson said the award is presented annually at the chapter level.