Chad Ruprecht is a business owner for the second time.

Ruprecht’s Meat Market in Wabasso, which offers a variety of retail meat sales and custom processing, is open for business and is located on Main Street in Wabasso.

The lights are on from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays. The meat shop, housed in the former Wabasso Locker store, opened in July after Ruprecht purchased the building in May.

This is a rodeo Ruprecht has been through before. Ruprecht also owns and operates Wanda Processing. Wanda Processing processes only deer, up to 250 a season.

Ruprechts’s Meat Market in Wabasso processes beef, pork and deer.

Ruprecht purchased the business when the previous owner closed up the shop.

Upon opening the Meat Market in Wabasso Ruprecht did some re-modeling and extensive cleaning. Ruprecht keeps both businesses running smoothly with the assistance of his son, Tanner Ruprecht, as well as Karen Fennern.

Ruprecht has been a butcher since 2005 and is excited to bring his knowledge and services to the Wabasso community.

The processing services offered by Ruprecht can be tailored to each customer who wants products processed to include: brats, hot dogs, ribeye, sirloin, ground beef, breakfast sausage, patties and links, as well as pork chops, pork roast, pork ribs, beef jerky, summer sausage and sticks.

Looking to walk in and make a simple purchase?

Ruprecht Meat Market features products for retail purchase. Stop by and select items from the refrigerator cases.

Ruprecht would like the community to know he is available to meet their needs and to let everyone know a new owner has taken over and made positive changes to the business and property.

With the convenience of living directly above the Meat Market, Ruprecht has the ability to work and oversee the business and needs of his customers.

With hunting season quickly approaching, and for all of ones meat processing needs, know that Ruprecht’s Meat Market is available to serve with old style flavor and old fashioned service.

Stop into Ruprecht’s Meat Market, or call Chad Ruprecht at 507-342-MEAT (6328).