50 years ago

July 1968

• When the city council voted to end the nightly 10 p.m. sounding of the sirens to mark the beginning of curfew, councilor Richard Anderson said, “I vote ‘no’, and put that in the paper. I don’t want 5,000 women mad at me.”

• Using new radar equipment on Highway 71 just north of Morton, the highway patrol discovered that the average speed of vehicles in a 40 miles per hour speed zone was 51 miles per hour.

• The Redwood Falls horseshoe pitching team lost to Springfield, 1,104 to 1,004.

• The Minnesota Department of Transportation began improving Bridge Street/Highway 19, widening and resurfacing it from approximately the Y-intersection to the eastern edge of town.

• The city council approved a $1,500 loan from the general fund to help pay for the public library children’s section remodeling.

• Wally Johnson, local highway patrolman, was completing his homemade houseboat built in his garage at 301 Sunrise Boulevard. To save money, Johnson used surplus spare parts whenever possible. For example, instead of buying ready-made pontoons for $1,700, Johnson bought a pair of surplus airplane wing tanks from the military for $400.

• Planet of the Apes was the movie playing at the Falls Theatre.

25 years ago

July 1993

• A new group in town, the Redwood Falls Police Department Police Explorers Club, held a car wash fundraiser in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

• Local ag companies expressed excitement to the fact that Farmfest would be moving from its old home near Austin to the Gilfillan Estate between Redwood Falls and Morgan next year.

• The RFHS school board voted 5-2 to demolish the old Lincoln High School.

• Because of two major downpours, the pumphouse for the Redwood Falls golf course’s irrigation system had to be moved to higher ground twice.

• Sue Larson, daughter of Mary Lou and Floyd Larson, was named the Redwood Falls 1993 Young Woman of the Year.

• The Ben Franklin store in Redwood Falls announced the fabric department was being moved downstairs so it could be enlarged.

• The local public library checked out a record breaking number of books for one day in the children’s department: 645 books, in large part to the success of the summer reading program.

10 years ago

July 2008

• The Redwood Area School District came out with a new line of Cardinal clothing, so that for the first time fans of all the different sports could have clothing with similar logos and designs.

• Gordon Alexander and Lavanda Greve were named Redwood County’s 2008 Outstanding senior citizens.

• Tim Beske was hired as Redwood County’s technology specialist, making sure for the first time that all the county’s computers actually did what they were supposed to do and could all work together.

• There was a new state law on the books: as of Aug. 1, it was illegal to text message or e-mail while driving.