In September 1991, Joel Read began working as the shop foreman at the Ford Dealership in Redwood Falls.

Just three years later, he would move into a new role.

“In 1994 Ron (Kohls) asked me if I wanted to give selling cars a try,” said Read.

More than two decades later, Read is still working for what is now known as Kohls-Weelborg Ford, and recently the sales representative for the dealership achieved a milestone in his career.

Read sold vehicle number 5,000.

The first, said Read was an Oldsmobile Calais, and number 5,000 was a 2018 Ford Taurus sold to Mitchell Fischer.

Read has kept track of every vehicle he has sold over the years. On average he has sold about 208 vehicles per year or 17 per month.

“Every month we set sales goals,” said Read, adding over time some months and years have been better than others.

Read said he has enjoyed his job, adding for five years he was able to work side by side with his father-in-law, Ray Farmer, and to learn from his years of sales experience.

Over the years, Read said the most popular vehicle has been the Ford F-150.

“That’s our main seller in this area,” said Read.

Looking back, Read said he has always had an interest in cars, and while he may not have thought much about selling them then, the career has been a good one for him. Naturally, Read expressed his appreciation to those who gave him the opportunity to pursue this career and to all of the customers who have purchased vehicles from him since 1994.

“I have met so many different people,” said Read.

Many have become repeat customers, and in some cases he has sold to the second and third generation of area families.

Read also wanted to thank his family, including wife Julie, for her patience, especially during those late nights when he was at work.

Of course, there are still plenty of years left for Read, adding he thinks another 5,000 vehicles may be a lofty goal but it could be possible.