50 years ago

July 1968

• Seven recent burglaries in Redwood Falls – two at the golf club, three at The Music Store, one at Owens Radio and TV and a car theft from a homeowner’s garage – were solved at one fell swoop with the arrest of two 16-year-old boys by Redwood County Sheriff Vincent Bestick.

• New Redwood Falls School Superintendent Thomas Lykins showed he was serious at his first school board meeting when he presented a 29-point agenda of issues he wanted to address. When the clock struck midnight with only 22 of Lykins’ issues decided on, the school board voted to adjourn and hold a special meeting the next day.

• The mentally disabled residents of the REM home in Redwood Falls celebrated the Fourth of July with a picnic on the facility’s grounds, complete with an artificial fish pond and games.

• The Chamber of Commerce’s new sign welcoming visitors to Redwood Falls, set up next to Highway 71 south of town, had Scotchlight lettering, so passing cars could see the words even at night.

• Theresa (Mrs. Ralph) Kolp, a check-out girl at Tersteeg’s Super-Valu, beat out 103 other nominees to be named the most courteous employee in Redwood Falls in a contest which was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

25 years ago

July 1993

• Area collectors proposed a new club – Memories in Motion – for fans of classic cars.

• A group of local businessmen conducted a feasibility study to see if the unused REM home facility near the county fairgrounds could be remodeled into a residential care facility for senior citizens.

• The Prairie Arts Chorale returned from its first tour overseas, a 10-day concert tour performing in a number of historic churches across England, including Westminster Abbey.

• Quentin (Red) Castle retired after 31 years of maintaining the Red-wood Falls Golf Course, and was promptly inducted into the golf club’s Hall of Fame.

• June 1993 was the third wettest in Redwood Falls history, with 11.55 inches of rain.

• Wet, muddy soil in a corn field on the edge of Morton ended up canceling the Fourth of July fireworks, since the tubes that the fireworks were fired from might tilt and present a danger.

10 years ago

July 2008

• Six local members of the Evangelical Free Church visited Romania on a 10-day mission trip, where they said the Romanians were still suspicious of strangers because of all the times the central European nation has been invaded over the centuries.

• The Red Cross announced that the July 21 blood drive to be held at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church would be the first in Redwood Falls at which 16- year-olds could donate blood.

• The Redwood Falls Public Utilities got out of the water heater selling business when two local companies complained the city could sell them at subsidized lower rates than private companies could.