50 years ago

June 1968

• The Redwood Falls Chamber of Commerce was concerned that area merchants just weren’t as crazy for Krazy Days as they had been in past years, so the chamber recruited “block chiefs” to encourage store employees to dress up and generally be more silly in the future.

• The Redwood Falls Hospital auxiliary voted to start a candy striper program for girls between 13 and 18 interested in volunteering to help patients with non-professional care.

• Lorna Simondet, the Gazette’s “marry-and-bury” writer, said there were 31 wedding write-ups in the previous month and 51 obituaries.

• Carleton College junior David Tiffany of Redwood Falls was one of two geology majors given the task of traveling around Europe and the Mediterranean countries in a Volkswagen van, collecting copper and tin de-posits from mine sites.

• “Seven years of bad luck,” said Dorothy Beckman of Kansas City, Mo., after her husband Norvel broke a rear-view mirror on their camper. Several minutes later the Beckmans overturned their camper and rolled three times while making a turn on Highway 71 about four miles south of Redwood Falls.

25 years ago

June 1993

• Admissions were down about 10 percent at the Redwood Falls Hospital, in part because of greater use of home health care and hospice care for the terminally ill.

• County MnDOT employees said the unstable ground loosened by floods could cause more landslides between Redwood Falls and Morton, and that Highway 19/71 could be closed for up to another month.

• A 40-foot ash tree in the pasture near Dennis and Marcie McLaughlin’s home in rural Morton was basically exploded by a bolt of lightning, which split it to the ground and sent shards of wood flying like arrows across the pasture and into neighboring fields. The sheep were startled but reported unharmed.

• According to rumors, the annual Farmfest show might be relocating from its most recent setting in Austin to the Gilfillan Estates between Redwood Falls and Morgan.

• With floodwaters over the swayback bridge and still rising, city employees had to evacuate the animals in the Ramsey Park zoo to higher land.

• Chris Jones, 13, of the Bechyn area, was the Gazette’s new cartoonist, contributing a weekly comic strip about Nugi, an alien visitor to Earth.

10 years ago

June 2008

• Owen and Neil Paskewitz of Lucan were headed to New Mexico after qualifying for the fourth annual national junior high school rodeo.

• The Highwater Ethanol plant near Lamberton was about 20 percent complete and expected to be up and running by the middle of 2009.

• The Redwood Falls VFW 14s girls softball team defeated Burnsville 13-1 to qualify for the 14U national tournament in Oakdale.

• Lavanda Greve and Orrin Madson were selected to represent Redwood Falls in the county outstanding senior citizen contest at the county fair.