Brian Swedburg continues to learn about the faithfulness of God, adding he is also gaining perspective on what God has in store for his life and ministry.

Having served for the past three years as the pastor of the Evangelical Free Church in Redwood Falls, Swedburg said he has grown in his relationship with God and has appreciated the opportunity to get to know and serve the local congregation and community as a whole.

Now, however, Swedburg is being called to do something different.

“God has something else in mind for me and my family,” said Swedburg, who will offer his final sermon this coming Sunday at the Redwood Falls E-Free church.

Swedburg came to the community in 2015, and during his time as the pastor, the congregation moved into its own space on the east side of the community.

However, for Swedburg the focus of his ministry has been about helping people grow in their faith and personal relationship with God.

“This is a great community, and I have enjoyed being here,” said Swedburg.

While Swedburg admitted he is not exactly certain what God has planned for him in the long-term, he has a short-term role he will be starting later this month.

“I will be spending two weeks in Paraguay starting July 9,” said Swedburg, adding his role during that two-week period will be in a teaching capacity.

Swedburg said being in a state of limbo not knowing what is next for him is admittedly a bit of a struggle, but he also knows God is in control and will have him in the role he knows is best.

As is the case with any transition, Swedburg said he and his wife, Julie, will miss the community and the friends they have made during their time in Redwood Falls.

Swedburg said he considers Redwood Falls to be an extremely friendly community that truly welcomed them, adding the people here are always willing to help each other.

That, he said, is also something he will miss. As he moves on to a new ministry role, Swedburg said he will continue to pray for the Redwood Falls community, adding he sees a need for reconciliation in the faith community.

“I have seen the wounds here, and I know they will not just go away,” Swedburg said. “Healing can take place when people put their trust in Christ.”

Life, said Swedburg, is a process, and for him faith is a very important element of personal growth.

He believes God called him to Redwood Falls for a season, but added he now knows it is time to move on to allow someone else to help take the local congregation to the next stage of its growth in faith.

He expressed his appreciation for the impact the community has had on him and his family, and is looking forward to seeing how God works in the future.