I grew up in Morgan and graduated from Cedar Mountain in 2007.

I’ve mourned and grieved many losses in the Redwood Falls community since I was in junior high and have always appreciated the kind words the Gazette has posted about each one of my beloved, deceased family members and friends.

If you’ve lived in the area for the last 20 years, you would know that this community has endured more young death to suicide, overdoses and car accidents than any other county in the state. Loss is an all too familiar feeling for the people in the Redwood Falls area.

I could not be more disappointed in the decision to post an obituary that was clearly written out of anger and resentment towards Kathy.

Regardless of her life’s path and past decisions, she did nothing to deserve to leave this world with such hurtful words written about her.

No deceased person does – even if someone paid you to publish this. She was not the person who was portrayed in your paper. She is human and made mistakes along the way in life – just like you and me.

Who is anyone to write she will “face judgement?”

Who is anyone to write “she will not be missed?”

What was the gain with this?

Did anyone consider the loved ones who are actually grieving her loss before publishing it?

Despite the harsh words written about her, I choose to remember Kathy for her warm, gentle heart and the loving, kind soul she was when she was alive. She touched the lives of many in this community and had a laugh that could brighten any room.

She inspired me to live and seek out the life I want. She encouraged me to chase my dreams and supported me every step of the way. That’s the memory I’ll hold onto.

I write to you in hopes I can prevent another family from ever having to endure the pain of a loss and read an obituary that the world has now seen because of its disrespectful content. I cannot put into words the additional pain and grief that has caused by this being approved for publication.

All that’s left to do is continue to pray – for Gina, for Jay, whoever felt this was the “right thing to do.”

I pray you find the courage to do whatever it takes to make this right and that you find forgiveness in yourself for making a mistake.

– Katerina Arzani

St. Louis Park