50 years ago

June 1968

• After months of debate, the Redwood Falls Board of Education rejected buying the school janitors uniforms with big Cardinal patches on the back, saying the woolen patches would make the uniforms too hot to work in. The board also rejected the uniforms being green, Chairman Gean O’Leary saying, “I’m not that Irish.”

• A brand new 1968 Chevrolet was totaled just minutes after being driven off the lot when another driver collided with it while attempting to pass in North Redwood. The crash was so bad a telephone pole in the ditch was knocked down, but none of the five people in the two vehicles was injured.

• Pfc. Leland Welch, 19, of Belview, became the third Redwood County soldier to be killed in Vietnam, dying of wounds he suffered June 7.

• In commemoration of winning the grand prize at the first Minnesota Inventors Congress 11 years earlier, the Rolite trailer company temporarily donated 41 retractable-wall trailers to the Redwood County fair grounds to hold visitors to the 1968 event.

• Lightning strikes within a couple minutes of each other damaged the projection equipment at the 71 Drive-in Theatre during the showing of the Joan Crawford movie Berserk (the audience got a refund) and the Morton TV tower, which knocked all four channels off the air. In addition, Gazette assistant editor John Schneider’s house was hit by lightning, blowing out his TV set.

25 years ago

June 1993

• Architects and developers unveiled plans for Lincoln Estates Family Housing, an 84-unit complex to be built from the old Redwood Falls High School building.

• Dr. Gregory McCallum joined the staff of the Affiliated Medical Clinic in Redwood Falls.

• SICO, “the most sophisticated communications robot in the world”, with appearances in the movie Rocky IV and the TV show Days of Our Lives, spent a day visiting area residents at Minnesota Valley Bank.

• Scott Tauer, 15, of Morgan, became the first Tae Kwon Do student to earn a black belt at the Redwood Falls Racquet Club.

• Long-time Minnesota Inventors Congress volunteer Myrtle Kreckow was named the grand marshal of the Redwood Falls annual parade.

10 years ago

June 2008

• Representatives of the pool committee unveiled plans for a new $3.5 million aquatic center for Redwood Falls to be built on the old Memorial Field football field.

• Friday was named Don Okins Day in Redwood Falls in honor of the local World War II veteran who was part of the D-Day Invasion of France.

• Minnesota-born Rose Totino, the inventor of the first pizza dough suitable for freezing and subsequent baking, was inducted into the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame.

• Redwood animal control officials captured a baby fawn that had apparently been abandoned by its mother near the golf course. The fawn was given to Steve Zick of rural Lucan, who planned to raise it with an orphaned lamb as a friend.

• A fire damaged the Harvest Land feed mill in Morgan.