The Milroy man found guilty of burglary in the second degree, by a Redwood County jury May 16, 2018 was placed on supervised felony probation for three years and was sentenced to serve 131 days in jail, to pay restitution in the amount of $995 to the victim, Farmer’s Cooperative Association of Milroy, to be law abiding and of good behavior and to follow all rules of felony probation, Redwood County Attorney Jenna Peterson announced June 5.

Robert Jamar Casey, 31, was found guilty after a one day jury trial in May 2018 for the Jan. 22, 2018 burglary of the Farmer’s Cooperative Association of Milroy.

According to the criminal complaint and testimony at trial, the burglary occurred in the middle of the night Jan. 22.

The defendant used a tool in an attempt to pry open various locked doors and windows of the Co-Op causing more than $900 dollars in property damage. 

He eventually kicked in a door to gain entry. He then entered the building, rummaged through desk drawers taking approximately $30 in quarters and other random items belonging to the Co-Op including beer, a cooler and flashlights.

“Burglary is the type of crime – no matter what is taken – that significantly affects the sentiment of safety in the community,” Peterson said. “When someone pries open locked doors and enters property under the cover of night, it rattles your sense of security.”

Assistant Redwood County Attorney Rudolph Dambeck argued for the sentence so that Casey would be subject to a probationary term with supervision and an order to repay Farmer’s Co-Op for the damage he caused.

Peterson called the sentence fair, appropriate and a good outcome for the victim in the case.

“One of our primary goals is to make victims of crimes whole again and in this particular case we feel we accomplished that goal,” said Peterson.