What follows is one of the speeches presented by members of the Redwood Valley High School Class of 2018 during its May 20 graduation ceremony.

Logan: In the day and age of social media it is difficult sometimes for us to enjoy what we’re doing and who we are within the present, because we are always on our phones. When we don’t take time to enjoy the present, we are missing out on creating memories with others.

We would challenge each of you to take time to enjoy today and the celebration with your family and classmates. The memories made with our classmates and teachers have shaped who we are and what the next phase of our life will involve. Memories for each of us are different, but we all shared the memory of graduation today here and celebrating life together.

Spencer: We sit now together, anxious but excited, waiting to walk across this stage and receive the piece of paper we’ve worked for for the past four years. We have plans and visions for our futures, but right now, right now is the first step towards turning our dream into reality.

In a short time, some of us will be jumping into the workforce, some of us taking our education to the next level and some of us applying our gifts and talents elsewhere. No matter the destination, the process begins right now.

The moment we have all waited for is about to arrive.

Logan: Our class has been a class that has accomplished many things in athletics, fine arts and academics. Each of these accomplishments, whether it be as an individual or as a team, has created memories for us that will last forever.

In addition, our class has impacted future classes and left footprints that will last a long time by donating our class funds to the new career development center and to provide items for students who have needs. These accomplishments have helped shape who we are, but these accomplishments don’t define us.

We define ourselves by the characteristics that have come second nature to us. They have been instilled in us for many years and have helped us gain the accomplishments that we have earned through our hard work, determination and responsibility.

I am optimistic about the future for each and every one of you based on the present accomplishments.

Spencer: To have reached the situation we are currently in, the goals we have achieved and the journey we have endured, we have relied on each and every one of you looking upon us now.

To our parents and guardians, thank you for sticking with us and supporting us through the highs and lows, the wins and losses and the successes and heartbreaks. You have seen us grow through every stage of life, and it was in every stage of life in which you have been there for us. Without you, none of us would be right here now. Thank you.

To our teachers, thank you for helping us grow as scholars and as people. You have been the stepping stones in our academic journey. You have helped mold us into the ambitious, determined people we are today. Thank you.

To the class of 2018, we’ve not always seen eye to eye, but one thing is for sure. We survived and we survived together. We have been through the thick and thin together, providing a shoulder to lean on through times of struggle.

We have laughed together. We have cried together. We have graduated together.

Thank you, Class of 2018. This moment, here and now, has been long awaited. Through dedication, perseverance and a little bit of patience, we have arrived. Let’s enjoy this moment while it lasts.

Thank you.