What follows is one of the speeches presented by members of the Redwood Valley High School Class of 2018 during its May 20 graduation ceremony.

Look at us, Class of 2018, we’ve made it to May 20, 2018 – a day that none of us will ever forget. Here in this gym sitting before us are people who will soon start their own journey into the unknown and begin to live out their hopes and dreams.

Today not only marks a time to have fun reminiscing the past but also a time for new beginnings, opportunities and adventures.

Now that we’ve had our fun talking about what was and is, we’d like to take a shot at predicting what is to come for the Class of 2018.

The year is 2038, and the Class of 2018 is about to celebrate its 20-year class reunion.

First to arrive is Teresa Munshower, and, just as the solo and ensemble choir judge predicted, she went on to sing at the Met. Now she has settled down and performs nightly as Snoopy her rendition of “Supper Time” for the local nursing homes.

Following Tess comes Spencer Quast sporting his newly-released athletic version of the Wingtip shoe called the Winge-tip.

Soon arrives Jake Evans, the newly elected president of the United States, whose first act was to hire Justin Deinken believing his screech could be used as a new method of torture.

In comes Jack Hawton, and after tearing his meniscus for the 18th time, with his newly-refurbished bionic knee invented by the ingenious Caleb Kranz.

Joe Salvati finally arrives after his trek across the United States with his llamas while being escorted by the fierce Officer Hicks. The two were chosen to transport the top secret recipe batter made by Rain Midthun to our reunion, so we can have another Nugget Bucket, a tradition indulged by our class where Burger King chicken nuggets are ordered in large quantities.

Although these predictions may be bold and a little far-fetched, they ring a little bit of truth, as we admire our classmates.

As we stand today on the precipice of our future, it is important that we recognize each individual classmate played a part in our lives. Behind each graduate, there are numerous people who have provided support in numerous ways.

The best way that we as graduates can show our appreciation is by making the most out of every opportunity and go forward from today with the intent to make the world a better place for those who will follow us.

As this may be the last time we will all be together, we wish you blessings and good luck in your endeavors and hope that you all will be successful and accomplish your dreams.