On April 10, the Cedar Mountain School District received a request from the Comfrey School District to end its pairing agreement for all sports except football for the 2018-19 school year.

According to Robert Tews, Cedar Mountain School District superintendent, Minnesota State High School League rules require a one-year notice be given unless all schools involved in the pairing agreement agree to dissolve the agreement.

In addition, the Comfrey and Cedar Mountain pairing committees in October agreed to give each other a one-year notice. Comfrey acknowledged in a letter that Cedar Mountain had every right to reject the request.

After weighing the pros and cons of this request, the Cedar Mountain school board approved it at a special school board meeting May 1, provided that all football games are held in Morgan this year.

Comfrey would also need to pay the cost to transport Comfrey athletes to Morgan in addition to Comfrey paying a portion of all other football costs on a per athlete basis. Based on this action by the Cedar Mountain School Board, Cedar Mountain will be alone for volleyball and boys and girls basketball.

In football, it will continue to be Cedar Mountain/Comfrey for next year.

A boys and girls track pairing is yet to be determined.

All other sports stay the same as they are this year – golf with Cedar Mountain; cross country with Springfield; wrestling with Springfield and Redwood Area; gymnastics, hockey, tennis, baseball and softball with Redwood Area.