50 years ago

May 1968

• Carol Wilson, 22, of Morton, missed her rehearsal dinner at the Redwood Falls Country Club but still managed to successfully get married Saturday despite being in a car accident in Glencoe Friday evening while driving home from picking up her wedding dress and spending the night at the Glencoe hospital.

• Reede Gray announced he would retire at the end of the current school year after spending a third of a century – 33 years – as Redwood Falls school superintendent.

• Thieves broke into the Monsanto Agriculture Center in Vesta and stole $1,800 worth of Treflan soybean herbicide. Nothing else was taken or disturbed. The sheriff’s department noted the thieves obviously had some soybeans that needed spraying.

• The RFHS drama club performance of “Huckleberry Finn,” ran into potential trouble over a scene requiring actors to smoke a pipe onstage. The drama club got around the rules and secured permission from the Minnesota State High School League to perform the scene when the club promised the actors would smoke tea leaves and not actual tobacco.

• Redwood Falls barbershops announced the price for an adult male haircut in town would rise to $2, up from $1.75. The price for boys 14 and under stayed the same at $1.50.

25 years ago

May 1993

• It was a good week for the Gary and Donna Bestmann family. Son Erik beat out more than 2,100 students to be selected for the Minnesota Music Education Association’s All-State orchestra, while daughter Leah won the Lutheran Brotherhood’s “Speak for Yourself” letter writing contest with an essay about the American healthcare system.

• The relatively new Redwood County Recycling Center reported processing 135 tons of material during the month of April, an all-time high for the facility.

• Five area senior women who were aboard the “orphan trains” that brought hundreds of orphaned children from New York around the country to new homes in the early part of the century spoke about their experiences during a visit to St. Catherine’s Church.

• City officials warned residents their tap water might be discolored for several months while the city used a chemical treatment to reduce the amount of lead in the old city water pipe system.

• The consolidation of North Redwood into the City of Redwood Falls fell through when the North Redwood City Council refused to sign the agreement over a dispute over city water distribution.

10 years ago

May 2008

• Local soldiers who served with the late Sgt. Brent Koch, killed while doing a tour of duty overseas, planted a tree in his honor at the Redwood Falls National Guard Armory.

• While farmers were kept out of the fields because of wet weather, Everstrong Construction brought in a tractor and round baler to collect discarded fiberglass insulation at the old Jackpot Junction exposition center.

• Jim Doering was hired for a new role in Redwood Falls city government: public works project coordinator, overseeing construction and other infrastructure projects in the city.

• Holocaust survivor Aaron Elster, who spent two years hiding in an attic of a Polish home, spoke about his experiences during a visit to the United Methodist Church.