Sitting down even for a few minutes with Redwood Valley High School senior Rose Frank can be a bit of a challenge.

After all, she is not the type to sit still for long.

Whether she is pursuing academic excellence as one of the top students in the Class of 2018 or is involved in one of the many activities she has participated in as a student, Frank stays very busy.

She recently participated in the Student Rotarian program taking that opportunity to get to know some of the community’s leaders and learning more about what is happening in town.

Her involvement has also included volleyball, basketball and softball, as well as Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), student council, the National Honor Society, choir, speech, theater and is serving as a class officer. In many of those activities she has also served in leadership roles.

For Frank, one of the activities she has enjoyed and appreciated is speech.

“Speech has given me a lot of confidence,” said Frank. “It has brought me out of my shell and really helped me to be a lot more vocal. I feel like I have more courage to go and talk to people and have become a better leader because of my time in speech.”

This year Frank finished in fifth place in poetry at the Section meet just two places away from moving on to the state tournament.

Frank’s involvement is not limited to school activities, as she has been a long-time member of the Girl Scouts and the 4-H program. Frank said she joined the Girl Scouts when she was in elementary school and has been a member of the local troop for 13 years.

What started with the experience of learning more about the program and having the opportunity to sell cookies turned into much more for Frank.

“I have gained so many different skills by being involved in the Girl Scouts,” said Frank, adding she has also had the opportunity to develop her leadership skills by working with other younger members of the troop.

She recently was able to serve as coach of the Girl Scout swim team. She said the chance to teach younger members what it meant to be part of that team, as well as being involved in the planning and organization of meets and with the overall program helped Frank develop her organizational skills.

Frank is currently working on what is known as the Girl Scout Gold Award, which is the equivalent of the Eagle award in Boy Scouts. As the highest award given in the Girl Scouts, the Gold Award involves a rigorous set of requirements that begin by earning the bronze and silver award and then coordinating a sustainable event in the community.

Focused on injury prevention, Frank is working on a sports camp that will also include education opportunities from local experts that can help young girls stay healthy while they play. The plan is to hold the camp this summer, but more than that it is to find a way to ensure that the camp continues into the future.

Frank said a minimum of 80 hours of work is required to earn the Gold Award, and currently she has in the area of 120 hours invested.

For 12 years Frank has been part of the Redwood County 4-H program enjoying the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of subjects and to demonstrate what she has learned at the county fair.

Yet, Frank took her experience to the next level serving as a state ambassador for the 4-H program for a year. That experience opened her eyes to new opportunities and provided the chance for her to meet people who call different parts of Minnesota home.

As an ambassador, Frank was able to promote 4-H at different events and to encourage others to get involved in a program that she believes has done so much for her.

The daughter of Duane and Shereen Frank plans to become a nurse and is planning to attend the Mankato campus of Minnesota State University.

However, that plan may be put on hold, as she is also planning to join the Minnesota Army National Guard and may be spending what would be her first semester of college going through training.

“Being in the Army National Guard is something I have always been interested in,” said Frank, adding in addition to being influenced by others who have been part of the National Guard, including her dad, Frank said the physical challenges offered appeal to her.

Entering the healthcare field was something Frank said she had thought about, but that idea was confirmed when she was able to participate in a job shadow program through the career exploration class at Redwood Valley High School.

Frank said she has always wanted to be in a career that can impact lives, and being in a medical career not only provides that chance but it also gives her a chance to keep studying the sciences.

“Science has always been my favorite subject,” Frank said.

The skills Frank has developed during her time in school, the Girl Scouts and 4-H will continue to serve her well regardless of where she ends up, and one can be sure whatever she does Rose Frank will do it to the best of her ability.