50 years ago

April 1968

• A two-story Fairfax furniture store packed with merchandise chose a bad time to catch fire — the Fairfax water tower was under repair at the time. Firefighters from seven towns mostly just monitored other nearby buildings to prevent further fires since the pump-based auxiliary water tank couldn’t provide nearly enough water to put out the furniture store blaze.

• The Redwood Theatre hosted a showing of the color Christian movie For Pete’s Sake for area pastors as the official opening of Dr. Billy Graham’s Christian Life and Witness course in the area.

• As a fundraiser, the Redbirds baseball team hosted a dinner at the American Legion, with a shotgun being given away as a raffle. Organizers were concerned with the raffle item couldn’t be found at the last minute, but it turned out prankster Kermit Nelson had hidden it in the Legion’s kitchen as a joke. Then the winner was announced: Kermit Nelson.

• A Redwood Gazette columnist noted, in commemoration of Holy Week, that the newspaper had a Matthew, a Mark, a John and a Mother Mary on its staff and suggested that if anyone named Luke wanted to apply for a job....

• It was unknown if the crimes were all related, but the same weekend that thieves broke into and ransacked two Redwood Falls auto dealerships, two businesses were broken into in Morton and the Clements liquor store was robbed.

• To make up for hosting a double-feature “for mature audiences” – Devil’s Angels and Grand Slam – the Falls Theatre held a special matinee of the family-friendly movie The Last Safari earlier in the day.

25 years ago

April 1993

• More than 150 local residents attended a meeting about ways to save the old Lincoln High School from being demolished, with the school board being presented with a petition signed by 627 area citizens opposed to demolishing the building.

• Trucking company owner Leonard Malecek moved his company’s headquarters from Morgan to South Dakota because of the neighboring state’s approximately 63 percent lower workers’ compensation and insurance costs.

• Country singer Mickey Gilley performed at Jackpot Junction Casino.

• Belview-based crop dusting pilot Gary Donner was killed when his plane hit a tree and crashed into the Minnesota River south of Renville.

• After 20 years in the Minnesota State Patrol, Red-wood Falls based trooper Pat Flahaven said, “About 15 years ago, I would think it was a good night if there was a high speed chase. Now I think it’s a good night if it’s quiet.”

10 years ago

April 2008

• Alumni of the old Belview public school donated hundreds of unused desks and other school equipment to a new school being built in Tanzania, Africa.

• Bob Brown of Morton received a transplanted kidney donated by his niece, who lived in Waveland, Mississippi.

• Four RVHS students qualified for the state speech meet – Liz McClurg, Kath-leen Perry, Laura Houghton and Mitch Petersen.

• St. John Lutheran School celebrated its 25th anniversary.