50 years ago

April 1968

• After the Owens Radio and TV shop in downtown Redwood Falls was broken into, police investigated and found some of the stolen merchandise hidden in an unused steam heat tunnel where the thief or thieves had lifted a manhole cover in front of the Montgomery Wards store.

• Leroy Hardy, a Redwood Falls ham radio operator, made contact with the Plaisted polar expedition and arranged a telephone hookup so the expedition members, then about 180 miles from the North Pole, could speak to their families in Minnesota.

• Redwood Falls fire fighters received a raise, to two dollars an hour no matter how long they were at a fire call. The previous rate was two dollars for the first hour and a dollar and a half for every hour afterward.

• The editorial cartoon in the April 9, 1968 Redwood Gazette showed the Statue of Liberty mourning the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

• The Redwood Falls High School Cagers apparently didn’t finish last in the Southwest Conference basketball league after all. When Windom school officials belatedly learned one of their varsity players had violated the state high school league’s rules about “use of liquor” in February, Windom had to forfeit their games against Redwood Falls and Jack-son, bumping Redwood up from last place to second-to-last.

25 years ago

April 1993

• The county board voted to spend $14,819 on a new tape recording system for the sheriff’s department. The new system used VHS tapes to record up to 10 different telephone and radio calls at once.

• Mayor Gary Revier and City Engineer Ron Mannz were the city’s representatives on a three-day visit to Neusaess, Germany. The German city mayor and other city council members were expected to visit Redwood Falls on a return visit in June 1994.

• The mayors of six area towns competed in a basket-shooting contest in the Wal-Mart parking lot, with proceeds from the fundraiser going to the Children’s Miracle Network and St. Paul Children's Hospital.

• When area residents were asked what the first sign of spring is for them, Rebecca Stephens said, “...when Dari King opens.”

• In the previous week’s Gazette clearly identified April Fool’s page, Gazette staff printed a fake photo of the aftermath of a fictional accident that resulted in a semi-truck parked on the roof of Redwood Falls city hall.

It turned out the local law enforcement center’s dispatcher’s office got several calls inquiring about the semi-truck parked on city hall, and local hair salon owners reported some of their clients sincerely believed the accident had happened.

10 years ago

April 2008

• Lincoln and Austin Ourada, both three, and born nearly three months premature in 2004, were named the March of Dimes Walk for Babies ambassadors.

• The newest members of the Redwood Valley Hall of Fame were announced: Pat Hall, Jim Lasley, Paul Kohler, Robin Stegner, Scott Larson and Vicki Phillips.

• A new state indoor archery record was set when the Minnesota State Archery Association held its annual tournament in the Redwood Area Community Center, with 831 rounds shot in one day.

• The Morton City Council voted down a proposed sale of its municipal liquor store.