A community meeting is being held Friday, April 6) in Wabasso.

At that meeting an issue that has been rising to the forefront is going to be addressed – commercial sexual exploitation.

Hayley King, a trainer, speaker and consultant on topics related to commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), is scheduled to speak that day in the Wabasso Public School auditorium.

After surviving six years of CSE, King earned a degree in human development and family studies and moved to Minnesota, which is a state gaining a national reputation for tackling the sex industry head-on.

King has served as a youth counselor, group facilitator and program coordinator for exploited youth in Minnesota.

King now offers her services as a consultant on program development, policy initiatives and youth education in an effort to cultivate communities where people maximize their potential, construct meaningful lives and live with integrity.

The community meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. and will last approximately two hours.

The reality is even though most consider this to be an issue in larger, more metropolitan cities, it is happening in rural America.

The event is free and is being sponsored by the Wabasso Lions Club, St. Catherine’s Catholic Church CCW in Red-wood Falls, St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Wabasso, St. Anne’s Catholic Church CCW in Wabasso, the Lucan Lions Club, the Wabasso Public School District and Wabasso community education program.

Everyone is encouraged to attend.