The Farmhouse restaurant located in Wanda is a new restaurant owned by Michael Beranek, a native and resident of Wanda.

The Farmhouse officially opened March 2 in the location of ‘Riley’s Tavern’ located on Main Street. The Farmhouse brings a fresh approach to this long-time local eating and drinking establishment.

“I wanted to bring quality food, in a family friendly restaurant, with great service to Wanda,” said Beranek.

Beranek previously worked at Riley’s Tavern when the opportunity of purchasing the restaurant presented itself.

As a resident of the area along with the combination of his expertise in the restaurant industry Beranek has created a unique offering to the area for many to come experience and enjoy.

Often many are tired of the same old bar/restaurant serving the same menu. Breaking the monotony, The Farmhouse offers a unique niche by serving meat products that are Minnesota raised.

The beef is Hereford cattle, which is a breed known for its rich flavor and superior marbling.

“Cooking has always come easy,” Beranek added.

Having studied culinary arts at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and, having worked at various restaurants as well as being a customer of many fine restaurants, Beranek has incorporated the best parts of his experiences with restaurants into The Farmhouse.

“I’m pleased to say that the reception of our opening has been absolutely amazing,” added Beranek.

Farmhouse patrons will also notice that wait staff take orders with computer tablets whereupon their order is then received by the kitchen without the wait staff entering the kitchen.

Beranek emphasizes that this process allows himself and the kitchen staff to focus fully on preparing the food without any distractions. Wait staff only enter the kitchen to pick up the food orders to be taken to diners. This approach to running a restaurant allows for superb quality in each and every dish that is served.

Beranek takes a professional culinary approach to cooking the meat called “sous vide” that many may be new to. Sous vide, is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch then placed in a water bath for up to seven hours at an accurately regulated temperature.

This process draws in flavors to the meat. The temperature is much lower than normally used for cooking. This method is to cook the meat evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside and to retain moisture. Then the meat is placed in an ice bath until an order is received, then cooked to the requested level of doneness. This process is where Beranek delivers quality to your dish that is not found in the immediate area.

In addition to the Minnesota produced meats Beranek offers fresh seafood and live lobster that is shipped overnight.

In the future an added service Beranek will be rolling out will be ‘Minnesota Farm2 table’. This unique service is like a butchery and will allow the public to purchase the best quality cuts of protein and meat for cooking in their own homes.

Also, Beranek will provide the option for a customer to select their cut of protein from a display case, as “food is all visual,” added Beranek.

This approach to fresh doesn’t stop there. Beranek added that you will not find anything coming from a can in The Farmhouse kitchen. All items are fresh, adding a higher level of quality to food.

The Farmhouse will be offering seasonal menus as well. With the upcoming summer menu featuring high end pork, fruit and salads.

The Farmhouse is open:

• Thursday: 4-10 p.m.

• Friday: 4-11 p.m.

• Saturday: 4-11 p.m.

• Sunday: 4-9 p.m.

The Farmhouse does not accept reservations in order to allow customers the chance to enjoy their meals and company in an environment without feeling rushed.

Visit for more information and also find them on Facebook.

The Farmhouse is located at 106 Main Street in Wanda.