The annual Easter Egg Hunt this year is set to be held at the Redwood Area Community Center March 31 at 9 a.m. sharp.

“And when they say 9 a.m. sharp, they aren’t kidding,” said the Easter Bunny, taking time out from scoping out the fieldhouse earlier this week. “So the thing starts at nine o’clock, and bam, by 9:01 a.m., it’s basically over. You don’t wanna get in the kids’ way. “Wham! It’s like seein’ a vacuum cleaner sweep over the floor.”

Mr. Bunny was passing through town last Monday to make sure the preparations were set for him.

“The Traveler’s Club and me, we’re like this,” Mr. Bunny said, crossing his fingers. “We been setting out the eggs for the Redwood area for kids for decades – decades, I say.” 

This reporter asked Mr. Bunny how the event has changed over the years since he started.

“Well, you gotta know, I’ve been doing this all over the world — like for thousands of years and stuff. It wasn’t all with plastic eggs with prizes in,” he said. “We used to use real eggs. The Traveler’s Club guys, they used to sit up for nights hard boiling and dyeing thousands of eggs every year. The first times we did it in Redwood, I recall, was in Memorial Field – you know, where that big, fancy-schmancy swimming hole is now.

"We did Easter Egg hunts outdoors in them days. We’d line the kids up, hundreds of ’em, and just let ’em lose. The problem, you see, is the biggest kids would get all the eggs first, and then there was always a lot of cryin’ little ones at the end. No one liked that, so they – the Travelers Club, I mean – they changed it. And I’m fine with that.

"Now it’s all divided up by age, and everyone gets an egg or two at the end, whether they got it themselves or not.”

The Easter Egg Hunt this year is for kids ages third grade and younger.

Also at the event this year will be the Easter Bunny brunch in the conference room immediately after the hunt is finished. There will also be a petting zoo for kids to visit with live animals from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

The Easter Bunny will, of course, be available for photos, too.

The Easter Egg Hunt is sponsored this year by the Traveler’s Club, Redwood Area businesses, the Redwood Falls Parks and Recreation Department, the Redwood Area Early Childhood Coalition, Redwood County 4-H and Vicki Dahmes.