50 years ago

March 1968

• Redwood Falls High School experimented with an “exchange program,” in which girls would take shop classes in woodworking and electrical projects for six weeks, while boys would take classes in cooking, ironing and sewing.

• Police Officer Harry Boeck suffered a broken leg when he was walking across Mill Street at the top of the Y-intersection while a teenaged girl, blinded by the sun, turned from Second Street and hit him.

• Cub Scout Mark Dressen won the annual Pinewood Derby contest with a home-built car he made in about eight hours construction time. Bruce Tiffany was the Webelos champion Pinewood Derby racer.

• After five months of scheming and negotiations, three Redwood Falls men serving in the military in, respectively, Hawaii, England and Las Vegas, arranged to arrive home for their leave time simultaneously, without their parents suspecting a thing.

• Two 13-year-old female runaways from New Brighton were apprehended by Redwood County Sheriff Vincent Bestick. The girls, who had no driver’s training, had wandered aimlessly for nearly 400 miles in the previous 24 hours in a car stolen from one of their parents.

25 years ago

March 1993

• The local fire department’s new ladder truck went on its first run, helping put out a fire on the second story of Country Village Apartments.

• The Affiliated Medical Center clinic in Redwood Falls updated its registration system for when patients arrived to see a doctor. Under the old system, patient information about health and insurance issues could be up to 20 years outdated before anyone noticed the error.

• Redwood County Public Health was now organizing all of its payroll and client records on an IBM computer system linked to the courthouse. Fiscal supervisor Tom Schweiger said, “We’re now at a point, with computers, where you can trust them 100 percent.”

• Renville city council members held an emergency meeting when it was discovered, halfway through construction of the new Renville community center, that a computer glitch had resulted in a $106,000 shortfall in the amount of funding the city thought it needed to complete the building.

• Ollie Melges was honored for her 42 years of volunteering for local blood drives, 13 years of which she served as the Redwood Falls blood drive coordinator.

• The Gazette printed a letter with perhaps the largest number of signatures in the paper’s history. More than 350 area residents signed a petition/letter asking the local school board to not demolish the old Lincoln high school.

• A local group was raising funds to build a radio tower approximately three miles west of Redwood Falls to receive and retransmit Christian radio signals from the Twin Cities.

• National Guard Staff Sargeant Brad Prahl of rural Redwood Falls received a cash reward and an article in an Army magazine for inventing an improved “outpost stand,” which was a device for field artillery units that could hold a portable field telephone, 1,000 feet of cable and a writing surface.

10 years ago

March 2008

• A number of Redwood County residents reported what was known as the “hit man” scam, in which the recipient gets an e-mail claiming to be from someone who has been hired to assassinate him or her, but who won’t do it if paid enough. The e-mails apparently originated in Africa.

• The Arrow Embroidery women’s volleyball team finished second at the state tournament in Hutchinson.

• Four Morton girls and their dogs raised nearly $300 for the proposed new area animal shelter by hanging around the Morton BP station and just asking patrons for donations.