The foundation of education is about reading, writing and math. Other classes, such as history and science also play a part in the life of students.

Yet, for some, there is an element of education that is even more important, as it provides a guide for their life. That is known as faith education, and it is what separates St. John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls apart.

This week, March 18-24, St. John school has been celebrating Lutheran Education Week, which is a time when parents, grandparents and the community as a whole can come and learn more about the Christian education being offered to students in preschool through the eighth grade.

According to Dave Gartner, St. John school principal, the local parochial school has been offering a Christian education to students for more than two decades, and he said that element is a priority at the school.

“We want to help students grow in their Christian faith,” said Gartner.

Every day the students at St. John have time set aside in their day for faith-based education, but in the end Gartner said all of the subjects being taught have a Christ-centered message attached to them.

“Families who send their children to school here know they will be spending at least part of their day in God’s word,” said Gartner.

During the school day students have a time known as Christ’s Light, which presents a Bible story to them. Gartner said the younger students have that class four times a week, with the fifth day providing time for the students to study a hymn of the faith.

The older students have Christ’s Light several days a week, but they also spend time studying Luther’s catechism as well as learning about hymns. Another important element is memorizing scripture, said Gartner. 

While the memorization of God’s word can help students to grow in their faith and their understanding of what they believe and why they believe it, Gartner said that discipline also goes well beyond that for students as they prepare for the next level of their education.

Gartner said many students have gone on to see success in high school and at the college level simply because they have that memorization skill that was developed while they attended St John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls. For St. John school celebrating Lutheran Education Week is a time to step back and see just how much they have been blessed by God and to share what is going on at the school with the community.

“We are very blessed by the families who send their children to St. John school and by our church support,” said Gartner, adding setting aside a week offers a chance for the school to show how much they appreciate that support and that those blessings are not being taken for granted.

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