50 years ago

March 1968

• A long dry spell and 50-plus mile per hour winds created such a huge dust storm on Sunday that drivers in Redwood Falls had to use their headlights to see as they drove on Highway 19/71.

• Tersteeg’s Super Value had a special on Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedias at almost 50 percent off. You could get a volume a week (25 volumes in all) for only 49 cents per volume.

• Spring officially arrived in Redwood Falls in 1968 March 20, at 7:22 a.m., when the sun crossed the equator during the vernal equinox. A Gazette writer helpfully pointed out that, because of the speed at which the Earth spins and the angle at which the Earth was tilted toward the sun, spring had been racing toward Redwood Falls all winter long at the speed of approximately 15 miles per day.

• Activeaid, which relocated to town the previous July, displayed its first “Made in Redwood Falls” product at an industry show in Kansas City: a hospital stretcher with significant improvements for patient mobility and IV use. The Mayo Clinic and Hennepin County General Hospital were two of the first hospitals to order the new stretchers.

• Eldred Patton was the leading RFHS basketball scorer during the 1948-49 season, with 188 points. In 1968, Eldred’s son Lee was the scoring champ with 329 points.

25 years ago

March 1993

• Dale Schmidt, a RFHS Class of 1974 graduate, was one of five National Guard members who died in a helicopter accident at Camp Ripley near Little Falls.

• Two RVHS students were expelled for the remainder of the school year for phoning in bomb threats a couple weeks earlier.

• The next day, RVHS received its fifth bomb threat phone call of the school year.

• The Minnesota Valley Bank and The State Bank of Redwood Falls merged. • Seven weeks after it opened, the Crisis Pregnancy Center had 10 volunteers trained to do counseling and work in the facility.

• Three small businesses – Frank’s Shoe Repair, Voges’s Carpet Repair, and Sew Ten (a clothing alteration business) opened in the former Gambles building downtown.

10 years ago

March 2008

• The Minnesota Department of Health banned smoking from public spaces, with an exception “for actors and actresses to light up during a theatrical performance.” In response, several area bars invited their patrons to show up in costume, declare themselves actors and light up all they wanted.

• Although supporters of the smoking ban had claimed it would have no effect on business earnings, owners of Redwood area restaurants and bars stated they had lost anywhere from a quarter to half of their business overnight. Several said they might have to close within the next year unless something changed.

• The Redwood Valley FFA Alumni Association held its first meeting.