50 years ago

March 1968

• When the new State Bank of Redwood Falls held its grand opening Saturday, March 2, staffers gave away helium balloons to visitors.

The next day, Sunday, March 3, one of the balloons landed in a cattle ranch in Warrenburg, Mo.

• The Army Corps of Engineers wasn’t done yet. At a meeting with state officials, corps officials generously offered to move the towns of Morton and North Redwood to higher ground if the state would allow the corps to build a huge dam near New Ulm and flood much of the river valley to create a reservoir.

• Initial plans were made public for a new historic scenic byway trail that would run along the Minnesota River.

• Mrs. Clarion Eckhart became the 200th member of the Redwood Falls VFW Auxillary.

• The electric scoreboards in the Redwood Falls High School gymnasium were malfunctioning so badly Coach Paul Duckstad took them directly to the manufacturer, in Des Moines, Iowa, for a quick repair before the next home game.

• Redwood Falls firefighters put out a fire inside a washing machine at the Town and Country Laundry and Cleaning Village after a man put his gasoline-soaked work clothes inside, and they went up in flames.

25 years ago

March 1993

• On Monday, Gov. Arne Carlson passed through Redwood Falls as part or his People’s Budget Bus Tour to promote his state funding priorities.

• On the Monday Carlson was in town, Mayor Gary Revier told him the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s designation of a nearby section of the Minnesota River as an Outstanding Water Resource imposed standards on Redwood Falls that other towns didn’t have to meet, and that the MPCA people were being royal pains about it.

On Wednesday, the head of the MPCA called Revier, much more humbled, and said the MPCA would be happy to work with Redwood Falls to work out the details.

• Redwood Falls traveling seventh grade basketball team won the state championship, defeating St. Louis Park 51-23.

• Country music star Conway Twitty played several concerts at Jackpot Junction. Twitty’s opening act was Johnny Green and The Green Men, who got their start playing the Riddler’s henchmen on the old Batman TV show.

10 years ago

March 2008

• The RVHS FFA program announced it was going to start an alumni program.

• The St. Catherine’s Catholic Church third grade religion class collected enough items to send 17 boxes worth of care packages to Redwood Falls National Guard soldiers serving in Iraq.

• Local members of the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL) program spent two weeks in South Africa, learning ag techniques in a radically different ecosystem.