Access to heath care in rural Minnesota is an issue faced by many.

HEC - The Health Enhancement Centers opened in mid December 2017 to offer accessible health care to residents of Wabasso and the surrounding community.

Located prominently on Minnesota Highway 68 in Wabasso, HEC is able to provide the public with health care needs.

“HEC is excited to provide health care to a whole scope of ages in the community”, said Amanda Kittelson, physician assistant at HEC.

Kittelson is part of the HEC health care team, which includes Cris Knott, LPN, and Dr. Maile Roper, which is committed to making health care access easier, comfortable and safe to all who walk in the door, added Kittelson.

Knott will assist with reception, scheduling and taking patient vitals and intake information, as well as giving immunizations.

Kittelson, a native of Wabasso, will be the primary physician assistant at HEC. As a physician assistant Kittelson has eight years of practicing experience and can provide the same care and expertise which is being offered by Dr. Roper when she is not on site. 

HEC is a member of the Fixen Chiropractic and Premier Massage family.

Dr. Quentin Fixen, owner and chiropractor, opened HEC in Marshall in early 2016 and always envisioned opening this practice in Wabasso to meet the needs of the community.

HEC offers a well rounded approach to medicine by offering services including: family medicine, full service labs, physical therapy and chiropractic care. The facility offers two exam rooms including a children’s exam room, physical therapy room, patient intake room and a digital x-ray room. Often the public needs to see a health care professional for acute care or short-term treatment for an injury or illness.

For patients who require chiropractic care or massage therapy they can easily visit Fixen Chiropractic and Premier Massage on Main Street in Wabasso. Additionally, if Fixen Chiropractic or Premier Massage have needs more treatment can be easily referred to HEC.

“We understand the desire for a patient to visit with their regular doctor, but if the patient wants to see a health care professional quickly we will do everything possible to see a patient immediately,” said Kittelson.

Offering such services as annual check-ups, preventive checks, immunizations, DOT /CDL physicals, athletic and pre-employment physicals, HEC makes it convenient for the community to have their health care needs met without having to wait or travel elsewhere.

An added feature at HEC is the INSTYMEDS prescription dispenser that allows a patient to easily enter in their information and the prescription is there, ready for them to take home. A patient can purchase common over-the-counter products in the dispenser as well. This is a great solution for people who do not want to drive in winter conditions. The machine is conveniently located in the entrance of HEC. With HEC’s rapid growth it is searching for a physical therapist to join the Wabasso team.

With the excitement of a recent opening HEC is excited to offer athletic physicals to students at Wabasso Public School this coming spring.

Appointments to HEC are available to the community from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To make an appointment or to find out more information call (507) 337-2457 or