Phones were ringing across Redwood County this past Friday, as the leadership for the Redwood County Republican committee got busy contacting delegates letting them know that, despite the weather, the convention scheduled for Saturday was still going to happen. The time, however, had changed. Rather than the scheduled 2 p.m. start, the convention was moved to 11 a.m.

Despite the last-minute time change, Leonard Runck, Redwood County Republican committee chairman, said the event was well attended. There were 39 delegates who attended the county convention, which was held at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls. 

“There was a lot of enthusiasm at the convention,” said Runck, adding he thought it was a great event.

Runck admitted the turnout at the precinct caucuses was not that great this year, but he said the people who committed themselves to serve as delegates at those precinct caucuses showed up for the county convention.

Runck said a number of dignitaries were in attendance, including local legislators who talked about the current state session.

Also in attendance was Janet Beihoffer, who is the national Republican committee women form Minnesota, as well as candidates who are seeking the nomination to run for the seventh district seat in Congress. The upcoming governor’s race was also a topic for discussion, said Runck, adding many people’s decision is still up in the air.

Many of them are waiting to see if others, such as former governor Tim Pawlenty, decide to throw their hat in the ring.

Several resolutions were proposed, with those approved moving on to the district level.

Also as part of the convention delegates and alternates to the district and state conventions were elected.

The delegates elected to represent Redwood County at the Congressional District 7 convention being held May 18-19 are: Roger Baumann, Larry Arentson, Ray Rivera, Nancy Haapoja, Mary Gayle Bratsch, Rhonda Tubbs, Tiffany Knott, Wayne Haapoja and Sen. Gary Dahms.

The delegates elected to represent Redwood County at the state convention, which is being held June 1-2 in Duluth, are: Fred Dauer, Roger Baumann, Larry Arentson, Ray Rivera, Curt DePuy, Tiffany Knott, Rhonda Tubbs, Janet DePuy and Mary Gayle Bratsch.