Do you remember watching the timeless James Bond movies with the characters Goldfinger, Pussy Galore and Miss Moneypenny?

How about the Get Smart TV series with Maxwell Smart and Agent 86?

Did you watch “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends” show that featured Boris and Natasha?

What do these all have in common?

Spies and villains.

The audience will find both at the upcoming Morgan community play “Mission: Possible!,” which will be performed March 2-4 at Cedar Mountain school in Morgan. This two-act play will start at 7 p.m. for the March 2 and 3 performances, and the Sunday matinee March 4 is at 1:30 p.m.

Reserved tickets are available at the F&M Bank of Morgan and will also be sold at the door before each performance. Adults are $7 and those 12 and under are $4. 

Funds from the play go directly back to Morgan area organizations that will benefit from their receipt. This will be the Morgan Community Players 30th year of performing.

The cast is made up of 22 members, with four new actors this year.

Char Carlson and Julia Garms are the directors.

“Mission: Possible!” is a hysterical spoof with all of your favorite spies of the screen. Scientist Dr. Schlock (Doug Daub) has discovered the valuable secret of telephonetics, a mind-controlling device used over the telephone, but he and his daughter (Amanda Johnson) are kidnapped by the evil Silverthumb (Vanessa Hoffmann), arch villain and D.O.O.M.’s leader.

This diabolical demon needs the power of telephonetics to take over the world. The girl from A.U.N.T. (Doreen Tyler), Maxwell Sharpe (Lowell Krogstad), Agent 98.6 (Becca Krogstad), James Blond (Doug Kopischke and Joel Mathiowetz) and even more contemporary sleuths gather at Argentum Manor to try to prevent Silverthumb’s devious plot from unfolding.

If only the tape hadn’t self-destructed before telling the heroes and heroines their entire mission. The audience will never believe what happens to Blond... James Blond.

Everyone who attends will be greatly ’in-spy-erd.’

Other cast members not mentioned above are spies: Beke Krenz, Corey Reding, Alix Hansen Reding, Kayla Mathiowetz, Amanda Mathiowetz, Kristin Rossow, Eileen Rothmeier and Julia Garms.

Adam Johnson, Char Carlson, Ken Johnson, Vashti Sperl and Kindra Christensen are villains, and Galen Engholm is a bus driver. New to the cast this year are Kindra Christensen, Lowell Krogstad, Kayla Mathiowetz and Alix Hansen Reding.

The Morgan Lions will be having a Dad’s Belgian Waffle feed March 4 at St. Michael’s Church from 10-1 p.m. Take outs are available.