A group of Redwood Valley High School students have been demonstrating their academic acumen this winter in everything from math and movies to literature and history as part of the school’s Knowledge Bowl program.

More than 20 students from Grades 9-12, including Teresa Munshower, Audrey Munshower, Halle Runck, Gage Rohne, James McBride, Justin Deinken, Spencer Quast, Spencer Gilk, Ethan Lothert, Lauren Karnitz, Leo Steffl, Madisen Clennon, Jasmin Ovre, Joe Salvati, Trinity Milne, Ashlyn Doering, Ben Collins, Safron Milne, Christian Schmitz Miriam Krause and Amos Krause, have competed in four invites this season, with its top team placing first in Red Rock Central, second at Minneota, fifth at the Marshall invite and first at the invitational hosted at Redwood Valley.

According to Jamie Steffl, Redwood Valley High School Knowledge Bowl team coach, the group of students is having a great season this year.

For Deinken, who is in his second year as a member of the team, Knowledge Bowl is a way that he can be with some of his friends and compete in an activity that allows him to show what he knows.

Deinken is a member of Redwood Valley’s top team that also includes Salvati, Clennon, Teresa Munshower and Rohne.

“We have a good time together and have done pretty well so far this year,” said Deinken.

For Ovre, who has been a member of the Knowledge Bowl team since she was a sophomore, Knowledge Bowl is an opportunity for students to be involved in an activity that is focused on academics. 

During an invitational teams face off against other schools with three rounds of competition taking place at each event.

“There are 45 questions during each round,” explained Deinken.

With most schools fielding more than one team, there are times when two teams from the same school will face off against each other. Teams are placed in rooms based on their scores, with the top teams going head to head.

While Knowledge Bowl is about what one knows, it is also about speed, as each team must buzz in when they know the answer.

The fastest to buzz in for each question has the chance to answer first, with the other two teams in each room then being given a chance to answer the question if others were not successful based on when they buzzed in for that question.

Teams are often put together based on their knowledge of different subjects.

Deinken said he is pretty good at the chemistry and math questions, while Ovre said she does pretty well in geography.

Both said they also have knowledge of random facts that often comes in to play during a Knowledge Bowl meet.

The team has one final invite this coming Monday (Feb. 26) before it begins the playoffs with the Sub-Regional and Regional contests being held in Marshall during the first full week of March.

Deinken and Ovre said they are hopeful to advance in competition, with Deinken saying it would be great to make it to the state meet.