50 years ago

February 1968

• A dozen directors of the Redwood Concert Association were accidentally locked in the basement of the brand new State Bank of Redwood Falls (now Bremer Bank), which they were using as their new meeting room.

Gene Sipe, president of the bank, had left his keys in his coat pocket in his office upstairs. Fortunately, the phones had just been in-stalled, so the directors were able to call out for help.

• Harry Walter, treasurer of the Redbirds baseball organization, noted the team’s receipts totaled $79.23. That wasn’t for one game – that was for the entire season. Walter also noted the team paid out $180 for umpires over the same season.

• More than one-third of the City of Morton turned out to a public meeting to tell the other side of the story after WCCO-TV story used Morton as an example of “a dying community” in Minnesota.

• The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was the movie playing at the Falls Theatre.

25 years ago

February 1993

• Eldon Barker of Redwood Falls received a check for $300 from the federal government, the amount he was owed for unused leave time he wasn’t paid for during the Korean War while he was a prisoner in a Chinese prison camp from November 1951 - August 1953.

• Redwood Falls police arrested a juvenile female for calling in a false bomb threat to the school, resulting in the school’s being closed for the rest of the day.

• During a routine traffic stop on Highway 19, Morton police ended up arresting a Fairfax man who was wanted in Iowa on a federal warrant for selling methamphetamine.

• In what was advertised as a “Meeting of the Mayors,” Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier formally welcomed Mayor McCheese of McDonaldland as part of a library fundraiser.

• John Buckley, Sr. retired as a gun safety instructor after 30 years of teaching approximately 1,200 young people firearm safety.

• The Redwood Gazette changed its schedule to come out Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

10 years ago

February 2008

• Patrick Covell of Redwood Falls, born 52 years previously, officially celebrated his 13th birthday Leap Year Day, Feb. 29.

• Workers installed a new 16-bit CT scanner at the Redwood Area Hospital, which was completing the second stage of its $13.3 million renovation project.

• Larson’s Home Furnishings celebrated 100 years in Redwood Falls.

• The city offered the county $96,000 a year to lease space in the Law Enforcement Center for the police department, rather than pay $1 million for a completely new police department building.