Eric Bommersbach joined the Redwood Valley FFA Chapter after being approached by other high-school students who encouraged him to get involved.

Having joined during his sophomore year of high school, Bommersbach soon after found himself in a leadership position, having been elected to serve as vice-president during his junior year. He later took on the role of president for the local chapter and continues to serve in that role this year as a senior.

“FFA is a good program,” said Bommersbach, adding during his time as a member of the local chapter he has learned a lot and gained leadership skills he knows he will use in the future.

For Bommersbach, the attraction to FFA was in an area he is passionate about – the outdoors.

A long-time outdoorsman, Bommersbach found he could further his skills in those areas through FFA and could gain knowledge in other outdoor areas, including wildlife and fisheries.

In fact, as a student at Redwood Valley he has been able to take classes through the ag education program related to wildlife management and animal science.

He has also been able to participate in the career development events (CDE) program related to wildlife and fisheries, and this past fall he placed first at the regional wildlife and fisheries CDE contest. That qualifies him to participate in the state contest during the Minnesota FFA convention in April.

According to Bommersbach, who is a member of the Redwood Valley FFA Chapter wildlife and fisheries team, the CDE contest challenges participants to identify a number of different animal species, as well as species of fish and insects, adding there is also a test given to participants that covers a wide variety of topics all related to wildlife and fisheries As a junior,

Bommersbach also was able to get involved in trapping through his supervised agricultural experience (SAE), and he has gained skills in that area he fully intends to use for the rest of his life.

“I have always been interested in wildlife and really like being outdoors,” said Bommersbach. “In FFA I have been able to learn a lot more and to develop skills I did not have before I got involved.”

While Bommersbach has been active in FFA, his participation in school-related activities is not limited to that program.

Bommersbach has been a participant in football, track and National Honor Society. However, the activity he has enjoyed most is wrestling.

“I have been in wrestling since I was a little kid,” said Bommersbach. “My dad was involved in wrestling. I guess I was drawn to it.”

Bommersbach said he has continued to be involved in wrestling, because it gives him the opportunity to challenge himself but also to be part of a team.

Bommersbach has also seen some success in wrestling, as earlier this season he hit the 100-win mark in his varsity career.

“It feels go to know I have reached that milestone,” said Bommersbach.

This coming weekend he will participate in the Section individual wrestling tournament.

While Bommersbach admitted this season has not gone as well as he may have liked, he is looking forward to the individual tournament.

Naturally, he said his goal is to qualify for the state tournament, but if not, finishing his high-school career on the podium would be ideal for him.