Zachariah Steven Marczak, 35, of Milroy, appeared in Redwood County Fifth District Court late last week where he was charged with seven different counts, including kidnapping, first-degree burglary, threats of violence, fleeing a peace officer, domestic assault, obstructing the legal process and unlawful possession of firearms.

The case stems from an event in Milroy Feb. 14 when the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department was called to the City of Milroy for the report of a domestic assault involving Marczak.

As a result of the report, members of the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department went to the residence of the defendant and observed him for a period of time. During that observation, officers reported the defendant was driving a four-wheeler and was driving away from the residence.

According to the criminal complaint, the officers then began driving toward the defendant who then fled across a field and went between a gravel pile and a building. One of the deputies was able to gain on the defendant and the report states the defendant then stopped the ATV near the building and it was believed at the time that the defendant had entered the building.

According to the complaint, it was later determined that the defendant had worked for the owner of the building and was familiar with the key button padlock to gain entry into the building.

At 11:35 a.m. Feb. 14 the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance from the Brown-Lyon-Redwood-Renville Emergency Response team due to the fact that officers believed the defendant may be armed. 

Several attempts were made to contact the defendant while he was inside of the building by calling his phone and over a PA system, but there was no response. Several hours went by, with residents in the area being asked to evacuate their homes and a call to lock down the public school in the community as a precaution, and at approximately 5:15 p.m. the defendant presented himself near the large, north-facing doors of the building.

According to the complaint, the defendant was agitated and refused to comply with verbal direction. After closing the doors and moving further into the building, the ERU was sent in and took the defendant into custody. Initially fighting and refusing to comply, a taser was deployed on the defendant who was then secured.

Following the arrest, a search warrant was executed on the residence of the defendant where a box for a handgun with a receipt indicating purchase by the defendant, as well as a handgun case were taken into evidence. A second search warrant executed Feb. 15 resulted in the discovery of rounds of ammunition. According to the complaint, the defendant was prohibited from owning firearms or ammunition due to a 2015 domestic assault conviction.

During the investigation, a Redwood County Sheriff’s Department investigator met with the alleged victim of the domestic assault in the emergency room at Avera in Marshall. During that meeting, the victim stated there had been a romantic relationship with the defendant, and Feb. 13 the victim had gone to the defendant’s residence to share a meal.

A short time later the defendant allegedly told the victim she was going to smoke meth with him. Initially refusing to smoke the methamphetamine, the victim then indicated she believed her life was in danger indicating the defendant “patted a handgun” in his jacket pocket.

In the end, the victim indicated she believed the defendant was trying to get her hooked on meth so that she would “need him.” Marczak remains in the custody of the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department pending future court appearances.