Now I'm into international issues.

What do you think about those North Korean cheerleaders at the Olympics? Too cute . . . or really fun? I just watched a video of them cheering before a hockey game. They are very disciplined, all on cue exactly together—same hairdos and smiles, even.

It might be just a little creepy. I read that the fearless leader picks them for their beauty, but you can’t believe everything you read (that other people write, I mean.) They probably are truly having a good time. From what we know about North Korea, getting out for awhile is probably a pretty good deal.

Not at all creepy, in fact very nice—is the reception the North Korean ice skating pairs team is experiencing. They are the only North Korean athletes competing in the Olympics who qualified on merit. Tuesday they skated to rave reviews, delighting the crowd. And, the cheerleaders were there, too.

Just like many people, I am alarmed at the actions of the North Korean leader. His determination to demonstrate his country’s nuclear weapon prowess is scary. And because we have our own kind of scary response from President Trump, I fear what could happen. I truly believe there are no winners when nuclear sabers are rattled.

Maybe the cooperative atmosphere at the Olympics will lead to a de-escalation of these nuclear threats. The South Korean president is now contemplating a meeting with the crazy guy up north. He is willing to try talking, instead of posing and threatening.

North Korea is a threat to the world. Our country’s response does need to be strong. I am hopeful the two Koreas, and other countries in that region, can work toward a safe and peaceful resolve.