By now most people are quite familiar with the state buffer law. For those folks still needing to install vegetative buffers, money is available to help cover establishment costs.

The Redwood Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) was awarded $75,000 as cost-share for Redwood County property owners needing to establish buffers. There are several stipulations including, but not limited to:

• The land cannot currently be enrolled in another conservation program.

• No other public funds can be used to establish the buffer.

• Ditches cannot have already gone through the redetermination of drainage benefits process.

• Cost-share is limited to what is needed to bring your parcel into compliance. For example, if five feet of grass is already present along the ditch, the cost-share can only be used to widen the ditch buffer to the required 16.5 feet.

• The buffer cannot be hayed or grazed during the primary nesting season of May 15 through Aug. 1 each year during the 10-year contract period. The seedbed preparation and seeding is cost-shared at a flat $50 per acre.

The seed is cost-shared up to $200 per acre depending species selected. This cost-share is a reimbursement and is paid after the site has been seeded. The site must be at least one-half acre in size. Remember to calculate for both sides of the waterway, if applicable.

Cost-share applications need to be received by the Redwood SWCD by March 1, 2018.

Cost-share applications cannot be submitted after the work is complete.

Call the Redwood SWCD at (507) 637-2427, or stop in for more information.