The City of Belview is a community made up of just a few hundred residents.

However, those who call the Redwood County town home have demonstrated they are committed to making Belview the best it can be.

All they need is a cause, and one will quickly see words turn to action. That was evident just a couple of weeks ago when a call went out to help Parkview Senior Living, a city-owned healthcare facility.

According to Lori Ryer, city clerk and a member of the Belview Booster Club, an idea was presented by a fellow booster club member regarding the possible purchase of a piece of equipment that would offer an even better quality of life for Parkview residents. 

The proposal was to purchase a bladder scanner for the facility.

Ryer said this individual had a family member residing at Parkview who had a need for frequent bladder scans, and each time a scan was needed it meant making a trip to Redwood Falls. That was costly and inconvenient for the resident and Parkview staff.

After holding a discussion with staff at Parkview, it was determined that piece of equipment would be a great asset, but the fact that it was an expensive piece meant Parkview could not just purchase one outright.

“The booster club does a lot of things for the kids of our community,” said Ryer, listing events, such as Santa Days the Easter egg hunt and the Halloween party as examples. “It was the consensus of the group that it was important not to forget about the residents of our beautiful nursing home where many of our family members have been or are now living.”

So, the booster club decided it would help out with the purchase.

The challenge, however, was that the price tag for a bladder scanner is in the $9,000 range. Not having that kind of money, the booster club offered a gift of $2,000 and the promise that its members would help promote the idea in the community to see if there were any others who also wanted to help.

Ryer said the booster club met Jan. 22 to make its commitment of funds and fundraising.

By the next day the rest of the funds had already been raised.

“By noon Tuesday we had the money,” said Ryer.

A local business, Minnwest Bank, had made the decision to donate to the project, said Ryer, adding its generous $6,000 donation went a long way to making the project possible.

The remaining funds came in from individuals in the community and surrounding area.

Checks from the Booster Club and Minnwest Bank were presented to the Parkview Senior Living Foundation Jan. 30, and Wendy Decknatel, Parkview director of nurses, said the bladder scanner would be ordered as soon as possible.

“This is a piece of equipment facilities our size usually don’t have,” said Decknatel, adding it will be a great asset for Parkview.

Linda Sullivan, Parkview Senior Living board president called it a good addition not just for Parkview but for the community.

Ryer said this is just one more example of what makes small towns like Belview such great places to live.

“When the people of Belview learn about a cause they respond,” said Ryer. “When they know there is a specific need, they really step up to help.”