Robert and Susan Bianchi, individually and as a family, have seen much of the world.

Yet, when the decision came to find a place to raise a family, they opted for a small-town setting in rural Minnesota. The couple came to Redwood Falls to serve the community as attorneys in the office of Estebo, Frank, Munshower and Geis, LTD, and each of them brings a unique set of skills and experiences to their new roles.

Susan, who was born in Vietnam and came to the United States when she was very young, grew up in Seattle.

Robert saw much of the United States and the world as his father was serving in the military. His family roots are Korean and Italian, and he has called Germany, Panama, California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Arizona home.

Susan attended the University of Washington where she earned her undergraduate degree in law and social justice, and Robert studied at Arizona State graduating with a degree in history. In the end, both ended up in Lansing, Mich., and there they studied law.

“I have always liked to read and analyze, and I thought working as an attorney would be the best way for me to use my analytical skills,” said Susan.

For Robert, the decision to pursue a law degree took a little longer, as he first followed in the footsteps of his family in the restaurant business. Running a business provided the experiences Robert is now able to utilize in his role as an attorney. 

“I am not necessarily what you would consider a litigator,” said Robert, adding his focus in law up to this point has been in business and finance.

Robert and Susan were living and working in Seattle when they opted to make a change.

Robert was working in the insurance industry focusing on state and federal regulations related to insurance, as well as focusing on financial aspects of the industry related to the stock market.

Susan was working at a large brokerage firm in its compliance department making sure people were following the rules related to the SEC.

While seeing success both Robert and Susan wanted to broaden their horizons, but they did not see those types of opportunities existing for them in Seattle. So, they started looking at their options. They also knew when they found the place where they would settle there was much more to consider than just finding good jobs.

They want to raise a family and be in a setting where they all could experience quality of life.

It was Robert who was initially contacted by the local law office, but in the end both were hired to work in Redwood Falls.

Susan is focused on estate planning, and Robert said Robert is doing a mix of things from criminal law to child protection as he gets his feet wet in a number of areas.

The two of them started working in Redwood Falls Jan. 8.

“We officially moved the first week of January,” said Susan.

Robert admitted the first trip to Redwood Falls caused a bit of anxiety.

“After landing in Minneapolis I drove out, and all I saw were farms and fields,” said Robert.

However, after arriving in Redwood Falls and experiencing the small-town atmosphere and the friendly people, he was sold that this was the place for them.

“Redwood Falls provides a great environment for us as a family,” said Susan, adding this is where they want to raise their daughter, Isabella.

In terms of their careers, Robert said working at a small-town law firm is ideal, because there are a number of opportunities to try new things as they hit the ground running and learn along the way.

Both Robert and Susan have maintained a connection with their Asian culture, and both said passing that on to their daughter will be very important.

Both consider themselves “foodies” and are looking to experiencing that part of Minnesota. Susan enjoys gardening, and Robert likes sports, such as basketball and golf.

Robert and Susan said they are glad they made the decision to move to rural Minnesota, and they are looking forward to working, living and experiencing all that the rural way of life has to offer.