50 years ago

February 1968

• Mentally handicapped workers at the Robert Milton Home washed and prepared 35,000 donated one-gallon aluminum cans for use planting seedlings at the Redwood Falls Nursery.

• A South Dakota firm announced it hoped to start a twice-daily, six-days-a-week regular airplane route traveling between Sioux Falls, Madison, Brookings, Marshall, Redwood Falls, Willmar and the Twin Cities.

• Officials of the City of Morton had a few objections to a proposed Army Corps of Engineers plan to build several dams along the Minnesota River, given one of those dams would create a Minnesota River Valley reservoir that would put Morton under 14 feet of water.

• According to a Gazette story, “the meanest child or adult in the area” stole the donated funds from the Franklin area intended to help a physically handicapped child attend Camp Courage.

• Several burglars at the Sacred Heart Co-Operative Oil station accidentally punched a hole in a natural gas line while attempting to break open a safe and were lucky to get out without blowing either themselves or the station up. The station managers acknowledge there was money in the safe that could have been stolen, but the burglars left without taking it for some reason.

25 years ago

February 1993

• Redwood Falls, North Redwood and Honner Township set up a joint informational meeting for the public about the three joining to form a larger City of Redwood Falls.

• Lynn Green of Morgan became the first woman selected to head the Minnesota Pork Producers Association.

• David Falk of Springfield, who worked as a meat cutter at Morgan’s Super Valu in Redwood Falls, put his special skills to use to win the hog calling contest during the annual “Prettiest Pig Day” contest.

• The city council approved a new $20 fine for dog owners caught without licenses for their dogs.

• The local fire department received its new 75-foot long Tele-Squirt fire truck, which was capable of spraying up to 1,250 gallons of water per minute.

10 years ago

February 2008

• Redwood’s William and Brianna Madsen authored a children's book, "Read It Again," illustrated with quilting squares.

• Sprint car driver Natalie Sather, of Fargo, N.D., was the guest speaker for the RVMS Accelerated Reader program.

• In the Redwood County Democratic caucuses, Sen. Barack Obama defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton 71-61 for the presidential nomination, while Republicans selected Sen. John McCain.

• African missionary Elizabeth Mthembu was busy promoting Christianity in Redwood Falls.