50 years ago

January 1968

• For the first time in a generation, since Gone With The Wind came out in 1939, there was a line around the block to see a movie at the Falls Theatre. The movie this time was To Sir, With Love.

• The fire alarms sounded all over town, but when firefighters arrived at the Floyd Bliss farm near Delhi, they discovered the Blisses had put out the barn fire on their own before the Redwood Falls Fire Department arrived.

• The southwest conference’s highest and lowest ranked high school basketball teams – Luverne and Redwood Falls, respectively – played each other. No one was surprised that Luverne won, but everyone was startled by how close the final score was: 58-53.

• The city council called for bids for Redwood Falls’ proposed new aerated lagoon sewage treatment system, at an estimated cost of $493,000.

• City officials estimated there were approximately 100 snowmobiles within city limits.

• RFHS started a new drama club; the goals included helping students “develop poise, acquire artistic appreciation, learn to express creativity, through activities come to appreciate and understand human nature and life situations.”

• A six-pair team from Marshall traveled to Redwood Falls to play a local bridge team at the Deluxe Cafe, a 30-board card contest to be scored under the new international match point system. There was no admission charge, but only limited room for spectators.

• The longtime Redwood Cafe in downtown Redwood was sold to Blaine Farnberg to become a women’s and children’s shoe store.

• The Redwood Falls American Legion hosted the first showing in Minnesota of a new documentary warning parents about the dangers of marijuana on teenagers.

25 years ago

January 1993

• RFHS Class of 1976 graduate Robert Duckstad was the official meteorologist who served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk when three dozen U.S. military planes attacked missile sites in Iraq.

• Local realtor Don Driscoll was startled when some Minneapolis residents sent him an old copy of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that mentioned Driscoll had just enlisted in the Army. It seems the Twin Citians were gutting an old house and found the old newspaper stuffed between some walls as insulation.

10 years ago

January 2008

• RVHS junior Michael Felt set a new school record by scoring 56 points during a basketball game, helping the Cards beat Waseca 73-67.

• The veterinary tech program at Ridgewater College sent several students out to practice their skills on the residents at the local animal shelter.

• The historic Gold Mine Bridge northwest of Redwood Falls was listed for replacement in the governor’s bonding bill.