Patricia Buschette is an author.

The rural Renville resident is also a wife, mom, paralegal, lobbyist, legislative aide, farmer, rural resident and much more, and Buschette knows she would not have written her book without all of those experiences.

“Writing this book is a mosaic of my life,” said Buschette.

Having been raised in rural Renville County as the fourth generation of her family to call Minnesota home, Buschette has experienced the joys and challenges of small-town, rural life, and much of that experience comes through in her recently published book “Locked Up In Frost.”

“I grew up on a farm in Sacred Heart Township,” said Buschette, who is also a Renville High School graduate.

Since high school, Buschette has served in a variety of different roles all focused on her roots in agriculture and the rural way of life. 

Her education, including a Masters degree from Bethel University in organizational leadership, as well as time spent lobbying for the national wheat growers association and serving as an aide for Congressman David Minge, are all on display in her book.

Yet, she added, while the book is about life experiences there is nothing specific from her life that is included in the book.

No, said Buschette, none of the characters are based on a particular person, nor is the setting, a small town named Glenview in Garden County in southeast Minnesota, based on one place from her life.

“Like a lot of other people, I have always wanted to write,” said Buschette, adding she has been working on the novel that was published this past November for several years. “I would work on it for a while and then put it down when my life got too busy.”

For Buschette, the place to start when writing her book was with development of the characters, including the protagonist, a man named “Jens” who has returned to his hometown and is stirring up things in the community.

“In a way the people of the book became real to me,” said Buschette, adding as she wrote she was investing in their lives. “The book is fiction, but it is about the things in my life that I know best.”

When it came time to have her book published, Buschette said she talked to a number of companies before settling on Lakeside Press in Willmar.

“It was clear to me from the beginning that they were the right fit,” said Buschette, adding the family-owned and operated business worked side by side with her all through the process. “It took a little less than a year to get the book published. They had a lot of good ideas to make my book better and were very good to work with throughout the process.”

Seeing the final version for the first time was very exciting. For her it has become, in some ways, like a member of the family.

“I am very proud of it,” she said. “Just knowing I have created something like this has been very rewarding for me. Every time I sign another book, well, there is nothing quite like it.”

The book sells for $16.95 through Lakeside Press. One can order a copy of it online at, or contact Buschette by calling (320) 905-0755 or via e-mail at

Buschette said she has done a few talks and presentations about her book, and she is looking forward to doing more of them in the area.

The title, explained Buschette, is based on a quote from Samuel Johnson, which is included on the title page. To understand the connection comes with sitting down and reading “Locked Up In Frost.”

Buschette said she enjoyed writing her first novel so much she has already written down a few ideas for her next one.