As the Minnesota legislature prepares to meet in session later this year, various action items are going to be part of the debate.

Among the biggest of decisions those in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate will make has to do with capital investment. Also known as bonding, the legislature’s primary task during the session held in the second year of a biennium is to approve a capital investment bill.

Thousands of requests are made to the legislature each session with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. For officials from the City of Redwood Falls the bonding bill process is well known, especially as it relates to a project that has been in the discussion for several of the last sessions, but in each case has ended up on the cutting room floor.

That project is the reclamation of Lake Redwood.

Jim Doering, Redwood Falls public works project coordinator, talked about the Lake Redwood project with members of the city council during its meeting Jan. 2

As part of that discussion Doering shared that the Senate investment committee, which is on a tour of some of the prospective projects, is going to be making a stop in Redwood Falls today (Jan. 8) to take a look at the proposal regarding Lake Redwood.

Doering said funding for the project through state bonding has come very close the past two sessions.

“We came close in 2016,” said Doering, adding, the same was true in 2017, “but we came up short.” 

The committee is scheduled to be in the community this afternoon with a scheduled arrival at approximately 4 p.m. Doering said the first stop will be at the lake, but then a formal presentation is going to be made at the Redwood Area Community Center some time around 4:15 p.m.

Craig LaBrie of Celebrate Redwood Falls sent out an e-mail this past Thursday, and in it he encouraged the community to come out and offer support for the project.

“Yes (the Lake Redwood reclamation project) is still alive, and it needs your help more than ever,” wrote LaBrie. “This could be the year to fish or cut bait. “Send someone from your staff, your boss, your neighbor, or even your mom. Do your part to add color to Redwood Falls.”

Doering said the cost for the project is in the $11 million range, with a request from the state for $10.1 million of that funding.

The rest of the funding for the project would come in the form of matching funds from the city.

The city council adopted a resolution at its Jan. 2 meeting expressing support for the project.

The public is encouraged to come to the presentation today at the RACC.