50 years ago

January 1968

• In the last issue of 1967’s Gazette, an article detailing the town’s biggest construction projects of 1967 omitted the new $1.7 million addition to the Red-wood Falls Hospital. “But it wasn’t on the list of building permits issued last year,” the Gazette reporter protested. “The city doesn’t issue permits to itself,” city officials harrumphed.

• “Baby boy Revier” (he didn’t have a first name yet), the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Revier from near Olivia, was the first baby born at the Redwood Falls Hospital in 1968.

• Long-time employee Bert Revier bought the Smith Firestone Store on 141 4th Street.

• Redwood Falls mayor Orrin Register, on a trip to California with his wife, was injured in Greeley, Colo., when his car was struck by a mail truck.

• Area Girl Scouts helped pack away the stuffed birds donated to the high school by Dr. C.P. Gibson. The collection of stuffed birds, some of them 85 years old, were set to be moved out to the city historical museum in the basement of the new bank in town (now Bremer Bank).

• Exhaust pipes and mufflers stolen from the Hopfenspirger-Schoffman implement company in Redwood Falls were among the loot recovered by law enforcement when a large burglary ring based in the LeCenter-Kilkenny area was broken up.

25 years ago

January 1993

• Brianna Lyn Rasmussen, daughter of Tracy and Michael Rasmussen, was the first baby born at the Redwood Falls Municipal Hospital in 1993.

• While Redwood’s Tom Huseby was at Hennepin County Medical Center recovering from a snowmobile accident, thieves rummaged through his wife’s purse on a bedside table and stole Huseby’s wedding ring, wallet and about $300 worth of donations left in sympathy cards.

• Tersteeg’s employees Mary Peterson and Mary Petersen got two weeks of training for the store’s new same-day film developing and printing service. • Officer Mark Dressen of the Redwood Falls Police Department brought a new program to area schools: DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

• The Minnesota Valley Bank announced this year’s Prettiest Pig Contest would have the theme, “The Grunt Ole Opry” and would feature acts by Patsy Swine, Piggy Parton and Swinona Judd.

10 years ago

January 2008

• Redwood Falls City Attorney Steve Thies resigned to take on a similar job in Alamogordo, N.M. Thies admitted the Minnesota winters were too much for him, and he had quietly been taking bar exams in warmer states in preparation for looking for a job someplace where he would be comfortable retiring.

• The Red Cross announced that Redwood County had the highest per-capita ranking of residents who donated blood in the upper midwest.

• While searching through his late wife Sara’s belongings, Ted Beran of rural Redwood Falls found a number of books – including a Bible, a hymnal, a grammar book, a dictionary and a book of family history – all written in the Dakota language.